What Gina Rinehart and Narendra Modi got up to when they met in Sydney

Meanwhile, the Liberal Governor Maria Kovacic Positioning himself as most normal person in race likely to be led by ex-NSW transport minister Andrew Constance.

The small business owner from western Sydney became president last year after failing to win the seat of Parramatta, with Kovacic’s promotional materials relying heavily on a whole “real world experience”.

This brings up the shadow communications secretary David Colemansenator Andrew Braggvoice defector Julian Lisseand deputy leader of new south wales Natalie Ward All into her camp.

Ward singled out the need for female representation in Parliament and highlighted Kovacic’s work with women and immigrant communities, both constituencies that left the Liberals in the last federal election.

This is in stark contrast to other prominent Liberal women: ex-PM Gladys Berejiklian and former foreign minister Julie Bishop Support Constance and Brown respectively.

From outside the political world, Australian Sports Commission chairman Josephine Suka Backed Kovacic, urging the party to “start addressing its diversity problem” or “risk continued electoral defeat”.



Independent News Site Team woo woo woo Lots to celebrate after News Corp co-chair last month Lachlan Murdoch The defamation lawsuit against the company was dropped.

'Stupid, reckless and dangerous behaviour': Peter Fray caught drinking and driving.

‘Stupid, reckless and dangerous behaviour’: Peter Fray caught drinking and driving.Credit: Michelle O’Sullivan

but Cricket’s former editor in chief Peter Frey Things may have gone a little too far – he was arrested for DUI on his way to Anzac Day dawn service and blew a .091 after wiping a bottle of red wine the night before.

On Thursday, Frey was convicted of moderate DUI, fined $750 and had his driver’s license suspended for three months.

He declined to comment further on the CBD, but told Manly Magistrates Court he had been under a lot of stress in recent months.

“On Anzac morning I committed a foolish, reckless and dangerous act which I will regret for the rest of my life,” he said.

Fray was laid off Cricket’s Parent company Private Media March After a long absence at the Walkley Awards in November last year due to a drinking incident.

former Herald and sunday times editor booed four corners Journalist who won Gold Walkley called ABC a ‘fraud’ for taking away public trustee’s job award, topic previously discussed by oops.

Favor of Farrelly

In keeping with the Walkley family, the finalists for a mid-year award — largely honoring young journalists — were announced on Thursday.

Judging these awards can be a long and thankless task, but it’s usually working journalists who do the heavy lifting. So CBD would love to see “authors and critics” Elizabeth Farrellyfresh out of a blue-green slant where she lost the NSW upper house and was a judge in a state by-election late last year.


Farrelly gets dumped as a columnist Herald She became a Labor candidate in 2021 after failing to declare that she had registered as a Labor candidate in local government elections.

Were the Walkleys so eager to judge talent that they had to approach a serial aspiring politician? Well, Farrelly told us her candidacy wasn’t an issue because she was only approached after the election.

While the Walkley family was aware of her political campaign, organizers didn’t see it as a red flag because of the categories she was judged on.

While they won’t disclose the categories in question, we certainly hope this isn’t any award for young journalists, not at Farrelly’s recent saturday paper, Defending NIMBYs’ views on Australia’s housing crisis.

The article might appease the paper’s terrace-owning, left-handed baby boomer readership, but it won’t send 23-year-old journo chasing yarn from his musty sharehouse.

voice bounce

The musty old trope that sport and politics shouldn’t mix has now been given a fair workout as opponents of Indigenous voices in parliament try to minimize the influence of the sporting body in favor of constitutional change.


The Friends of Parliament WhatsApp group exchanged at desks in the CBD on Wednesday, and some opponents did speak about it both privately and publicly.

Labor MP Joanne Ryan She was thrilled that night when Netball Australia publicly announced its support for the Yes campaign.

“Pitching Australia is yes in the referendum. The press release has just been released,” Ryan told fellow council bowlers.

But not everyone was impressed.

‘But bowlers are?’ hits back at Nationals senators and sports fans bridget mackenziesuggesting that the sport’s grassroots may not be as enthusiastic about Voice as its governing body.

“This is,” Ryan replied.

“Strong supporter of reconciliation, but I respectfully decline,” MacKenzie responded.

look? Sports, politics, what can’t be mixed?

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