Taliah Fuimaono gets Sky Blues start at last

For Australian representative and Homegrown All-Star Taliah Fuimaono, the 2022 Women’s Country of Origin Series was a tough pill to swallow.

Sky Blues coach Kelly Hield had made it clear that Fuimaono was expected to make the team, but a fractured collarbone ruined her chances of making her interstate debut.

NSW Sky Blues debut (LR) Jaime Chapman, Taliah Fuimaono, Jesse Southwell and Brooke Anderson.

NSW Sky Blues debut (LR) Jaime Chapman, Taliah Fuimaono, Jesse Southwell and Brooke Anderson.Credit: Dion George Prose

After 12 months, the 24-year-old finally got her chance at the Rugby League World Cup Hield named her to the team on Wednesday.

“I’m still in it, I think. It didn’t feel real to me until I packed my bags last night and got into a taxi this morning,” Fuimaono said.

Fuimaono is no stranger to injuries.In addition to a fractured collarbone, organizers have Suffered from shoulder problems and tore her ACL During her relatively short NRLW career.

“I think the past few years have been a bit like that [sitting on the sidelines]I ran into a few hiccups here and there that made me wonder if I’d be selected [Origin] team.Last year was a little different because she [Hilder] Tell me, ‘You could be my number 6,’ but I don’t have a chance,” Fuimaono said.

Taliah Fuimaono on the eve of last year's World Cup.

Taliah Fuimaono on the eve of last year’s World Cup.Credit: Renee Novitag

Despite the setback, Fuimaono focused on her recovery, improving her game and setting her sights on her next goal.

“I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, so maybe I wasn’t ready. But I think it’s a good thing I didn’t play last year, anyway, they got the job done without me. So, it gave me time to heal myself and make me a better player and person,” Fuimaono said.

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