NRL ws never the same after the Queen of Rock took over rugby league

on thursday Tributes to Tina Turner following her death, Australia’s narrative is about her love of rugby union. Perhaps less well known is that when she opened her locker in the shed, she also opened the door for women in the sport.

There’s no doubting Turner’s ability to pique women’s interest in “The Greatest Game Ever.” Before the first commercial in 1989, the game was mostly a game of blue collar guys and other blokey blokes doing blokey bloke things.

That all changes with the arrival of the ultimate American diva, with big hair, red lipstick, high heels and high heels as the camera pans down to the rear of a male budgie smuggler on the beach. Shuttle in shorts again—run up the stairs. Writhing on the football field. Meanwhile, one of the most famous women in the world exclaimed: “I can’t deny you’re physically attractive, but can you vouch for my satisfaction?”

The work is classified as a “general exhibition,” although men may have been objectified in the process. Still, it upends the gender norms of the 1980s and ’90s with a naive cheek, and offers women a way into a world that might have felt alien before.

Of course, there are already women watching football. Suddenly, however, it is widely accessible to those on the periphery. In two minutes and five seconds, the ad subverts the game’s dominant image, turning machismo and muscularity into rudeness and sequins. It’s concise and artful, and dusted with gold dust by its heroine.

“Well, 100 per cent, without a doubt, it has changed the way people experience and look at the sport,” NRL chief executive Andrew Abdo told 2GB on Thursday. “As I said, she has been an inspiration to men and women herself.

Tina Turner and Wayne Pearce in 1990.

Tina Turner and Wayne Pearce in 1990.Credit: steven sievert

“In addition to being the queen of rock ‘n’ roll for decades… her unique role in perhaps the most iconic sports marketing campaign in our history has been inspiring and has put rugby league in a different light. “

The key is Turner’s performance the best The 1993 Grand Final at the Sydney Football Stadium in front of 42,239 spectators. It’s not just sex that sells it.By then, Turner was already Pioneers of the #MeToo movementShe is every survivor, every woman of color, every little girl on the school stage and every mom on the family wedding line. Nutbush city limits.

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