John Setka under police investigation over alleged sexual assault


A police spokesman confirmed the union heavyweight had been questioned about the sexual assault in West Footscray on March 1.

“A 58-year-old Footscray man allegedly sexually assaulted a woman at a residential address at about 3am,” a police spokesman said. “He has been released pending further inquiries. The investigation is still ongoing .”

After his estranged wife Emma Walters was charged with incitement to conspiracy to murderIncitement to acquire guns and threats to kill.

Walters, who was released on bail, is accused of telling a private investigator she wanted to buy a gun to kill her husband.

Walters denied the allegations, telling Channel 7 at the time: “I’m trying to get security experts to assist me so JS can’t [sexually assault] it’s me again he [sexually assaulted] I March 1st. I am a traumatized woman who has been abused for many years. I will not plead not guilty. “

Walters was arrested the day she arranged to report the alleged sexual assault. She was due to meet officers at Werribee Police Station at 12.15pm that day but was arrested that morning.

Hearing in Melbourne Magistrates Court on May 11Detective lead Senior Constable Daniel Ramirez said private investigator Adrian Peters was called to visit Walters’ home in March to discuss his commissioning services.

Walters allegedly asked the private investigator to help her “get a piece of the action”. Ramirez said Walters allegedly went on to say: “I need you to give me a piece, I need the father who killed my child.”

The private investigator said he then began documenting the encounter because he was disturbed.


He said Walters had said she was going to “seduce” Setka and frame him so it appeared she was acting in self-defence, the court heard.

“I’m going to have to use it. I know how to use it. I’m willing to deal with the consequences through court,” she allegedly said.

The estranged couple are embroiled in a protracted legal battle involving allegations of domestic violence and repeated breaches of intervention orders by Setka.

Walters is also suing the Victorian government, arguing police failed to protect Setka after she reported multiple incidents of domestic violence. She claims Setka harassed her for several years.

The masthead previously reported that Walters’ lawyers have accused Victoria Police of failing to exercise a duty of care to protect her by failing to adequately address the numerous statements and complaints she has made to Footscray Police over the years.

In her Supreme Court writ, Walters claimed she was the victim of “multiple” incidents of domestic violence involving Setka and that four separate intervention orders had been issued to protect her.

Setka has denied the allegations of domestic violence. In 2019, he was convicted of harassing Walters and violating an order. Then they reconciled, but separated again.

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