How Munster accidentally tossed up Blues-print for success against Walsh

“If he gets three, four or even five seconds before the line gets to him, he’s probably already on the other side of the field or even a threat on the other side of your line.

“But if you give your line of pursuit a chance to meet him when he catches the ball, then you can get physical with him and remove the threat of him breaking the line … if you put the ball at 15m On the line instead of five meters away, you can hit him on a collision, force him to drop the ball and feel uncomfortable.

Kick it this way... NSW coaches Brad Fitler and Nathan Cleary at Coogee Oval this week

Kick it this way… NSW coaches Brad Fitler and Nathan Cleary at Coogee Oval this weekCredit: Brooke Mitchell/SMH

“If you play it right, it should be the first collision between your back row players and center forwards. If you look at our back row players, Liam Martin, Hudson Young and Tyson Frizell, they like the physicality, and yours Center Latrell [Mitchell] and tommy [Trbojevic] All big boys. “

No other Origin player made more handling errors than Walsh in next Wednesday’s series opener.


Cleary knew about Munster’s tactics against Walsh for weeks, but refused to follow suit when Penrith beat Brisbane last Thursday.

“He attacks everything at 100 mph, sometimes he makes mistakes, sometimes he makes great plays, that’s Reece’s player,” Cleary told the masthead.

“Melbourne was happy that night, but if he runs up to the ball and catches it, then he has a chance to start their game at 20 or 30 metres. You just have to find the right combination.”

Walsh, who circled the Maroons camp with a $3,850 Louis Vuitton men’s bag and turned his head north, told Queensland reporters earlier this week that he was not worried about the Blues trying to target him and making mistakes in key parts of the game, He has been guilty in the past.

“I don’t really care what the Blues do,” he said. “I’ll go out and play so they can do whatever they want and it doesn’t worry me.

“I’m going to go out and do my job. If I’m here doubting myself and not being confident, then I’m doing Queensland and the jersey wrong.”

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