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Arnold Schwarzenegger has had many career iterations—bodybuilder, businessman, movie star, producer, politician—and Fuba Introducing his latest work: TV Star. That’s not too much of a stretch, though: Arnie’s first scripted TV role was starring in a spy action-comedy written just for him.

Schwarzenegger is Luke Brenner, whom we first see in an incredible car chase through the narrow streets of Antwerp, ably assisted by tech nerd Barry (Milan Carter), and then Only to find out he’s actually (surprise!) a highly regarded CIA agent.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, as you'd expect, as CIA agent Luke Brenner

Arnold Schwarzenegger, as you’d expect, as CIA agent Luke Brenner Credit: Krystal Kalohoridis/Netflix

Fast forward, and Brenner’s family situation is revealed: Luke is amicably divorced from his wife Tali (Fabiana Udenho), he keeps her a secret (reason for the divorce) as a spy, they have two grown children, lazy Oscar (Devon) Bostick) wants his shopping app idea to be the next big thing, while Emma (Monica Barbaro) works a vague-sounding humanitarian job that requires frequent travel.

Luke never lost hope of reuniting with Tully, and plans to get her back after he retires. But just days away from his last day on the job (yes, really), Luke is pulled back (at his farewell party, of course) to one last job.

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Monica Barbaro as Emma and Arnie as Luke, father and daughter are spies Fuba.Credit: Krystal Kalohoridis/Netflix

A fellow agent code-named Panda is in danger during an operation in Guyana where he works with the son of terrorist Luke, who was killed 25 years ago. Boro (Gabriel Luna) takes over his father’s paramilitary organization and takes control of a portable weapon of mass destruction that he plans to auction off to the highest bidder terrorist.

Panda’s cover has been broken and contact has been lost, so it’s up to Luke and his team – Barry and his elite agents and best friends Roo (Comedian Fortune Feimster) and Aldon (Travis Van Winkle, who recently appeared on you) – to extract them. You can probably see where this is going, and if you can’t, then it’s revealed that Luke’s daughter Emma is also a CIA agent – she’s Panda – and the couple have been working for the same boss for several years, This is not a spoiler, they don’t know each other.

Operations in Guyana quickly head south, Boro escapes with his “suitcase nuke,” and Luke and Emma are forced to work together as partners, struggling between several hurdles as they try to save the world from nuclear apocalypse—and their own relationship. There are endless quarrels on the mainland.

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