Andy Gowers open to Alastair Clarkson return for 2013 Hawthorn Hawks premiership reunion; Harrison Jones out for Essendon Bombers season after ankle surgery; Geelong Cats’ Patrick Dangerfield targets round 12

Jones is one of three Bombers in the 2021 draft with back problems. Zach Reid hurt his back in 2021 and had another problem in the summer, while Nik Cox is recovering. He will return this week via the VFL.

Dangerfield hopes to return in round 12

Frustrated Geelong skipper Patrick Dangerfield is hoping to return from a hamstring injury next week and has ruled out Saturday’s AFL clash with GWS.

Patrick Dangerfield hopes to return in the 12th round.

Patrick Dangerfield hopes to return in the 12th round.Credit: AFL photos

Dangerfield has been sidelined since the eighth round, with the club taking a conservative approach to the 33-year-old superstar.

“Of course, the plan is right and ready to play next week,” Dangerfield told SEN on Thursday.

“I’m pretty much there, but it’s just a few days on the legs and the high-speed meter. It’s a more conservative route, and I think it makes sense for the hamstrings.”

The defending champions, who have lost their past two games in the round of 11 at GMHBA Stadium, sit seventh.

After a poor start to the season, Richmond and Freemantle lost five straight wins, while Chris Scott’s side battled a slew of injuries.

Dangerfield said wins over the Giants and Western Bulldogs are crucial before Geelong’s midseason bye.

The Giants lost 12 points to St Kilda and sit 14th in the table with just three wins.

“We feel that if we can get ready in the next few weeks, it will give us a good springboard for the second half of the season,” said the Brownlow medalist.

But he believes the Cats can overcome the odds and defend their flag outside the top four if need be.

“Obviously top four, that’s a big part of giving ourselves the best chance, but given the side we’ve got, I just think we just have to get our timing right and we’ll be fine,” he said.

“Our best players are good enough, playing at the right time of year is the most important thing.

“I believe there are many reasons for optimism.”

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Gores wants estranged Clarkson to join Eagles’ banner reunion

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Hawthorn president Andy Gowers hopes estranged former coach Alastair Clarkson will formally return to the club at the 2013 Premier League reunion later this year and that the Eagles can mend various ties affected by an ongoing independent investigation. party relationship.

Gores also wants the club to rebuild “bridges” with Indigenous families who raised questions about their time with the Eagles and to restore relationships with Clarkson, Fagan and Burt.

“One hundred percent is my hope,” Gowers said.

“I’ve said before, my description is that there’s a small part of his heart that beats brown and gold. I want that part of his heart to be a little bigger. I want to build that bridge between him and the others, it’s us Something to really want to see.”

The Eagles will face their 2013 Finals opponent Freemantle in the 24th round, and while details have yet to be announced, Gowers said he would love to meet Clarkson there, if he so chooses.


“We’ll see, but it sounds like a logical time to officially return to the club,” Gowers said.

“It would be great if we could do that. But let’s see what we can achieve there. The first thing that has to happen is Alastair needs to be fit and that’s really the first thing that happens. one.”

Gowers did not rule out the possibility of the club paying compensation to Indigenous players and families who raised issues about their time there, echoing calls for the AFL investigation to end as soon as possible.

“Whatever the outcome of the investigation, we’re willing to sit down and discuss it,” Gowers said.

“I’m going to be as specific and as broad as possible. So we’re open to discussions with all parties.”

The Eagles have yet to set a timetable for a new CEO, but Gowers said the position is attractive, well-supported and will fit “the right person.” Ash Klein has been named acting CEO.

Mitchell warns young Eagles to be careful against Rose Lyon’s St Kilda

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Hawthorne coach Sam Mitchell still remembers what it was like trying to escape a Ross Lyon-managed defense and is now preparing his Young Eagles for Saturday’s game against Lyon’s St Kilda.

The Hawks beat the West Coast Eagles by 116 points in the last roundbut they will find it much harder to score and move the ball against the Saints, and Mitchell has spent a week preparing his offense.

Mitchell’s first recollection is that he would often find a player following him against Lyon’s St Kilda or Freemantle, although the Eagles were against Lyon’s Dockers in 2013. One of their best performances in the Finals, when they swept the Premier League.

Freemantle's Ryan Crowley puts pressure on Sam Mitchell during the 2013 AFL Grand Final.

Freemantle’s Ryan Crowley puts pressure on Sam Mitchell during the 2013 AFL Grand Final.Credit: Sebastian Costanzo

“I remember against Rose Lyon, sometimes you’d ask for the ball and think, I wonder why they didn’t give it to me,” Mitchell said Thursday.

“You turn around and there are guys. I think they’ve been really solid defensively. It’s been really hard to deal with them on turnovers for most of the year.


“Having said that, we just had a meeting of the opposition and hopefully we can find ways to exploit them and find ways to score. When they play well, they blow the team away.”

Mitchell knows his young squad won’t be used to starting over after a big win against a stronger, more organized team like the Saints.

“So far this year, I wouldn’t question the morale and energy of the players,” Mitchell said.

“There were weeks where we had to work on it and you had to really look at the spirit of the team and make sure we were doing something more interesting and showing some progress.

“I think this week has been a little bit natural, our hard work has actually paid off a bit. There are so many ways to win and I think we’ve been playing the right way for a long time. The challenge for our group is that we can play in the Playing against that team at that level, but can we do that while playing against better and better teams?

“It’s been a good challenge this week against a well-trained St Kilda team. Can we produce a similar level of spirit and football this week against opponents who are 7-3 instead of 1-8?”

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