Vanderpump Rules: what is Scandoval?

It’s worth noting that the show’s appeal started to wane after season nine. Many fans attribute this to the fact that most of the cast members are no longer working on SUR, and many of the cast members are in committed long-term relationships (it’s boring watching two people get away with it, apparently). However, news of Maloney and Schwartz’s divorce gave season 10 a slight boost ahead of airing.

Then Scandoval hits.

Why is everyone talking about it now?

In March, about a month after Season 10 began airing, TMZ Revealing a split between Madix and Sandoval, who has been in a long-term relationship, alleges he had a seven-month affair with cast member Levis, who happens to be Madix close friends. It might sound mundane, but this event completely rocked the cast.

Sandoval and Madix dated for about nine years. Aside from a few spats amid their busy schedule, they’re generally considered one of the most consistent relationships on the show.

Meanwhile, Levis and Madix’s friendship has blossomed since the former joined season five. Everything seemed fine until the revelations, and Madix even joined Sandoval’s cover band performance (he was part of the cover group Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras – I can’t make that up) the week before the affair came to light.

Tom Sandoval (left), Tom Schwartz (center) and Raquel Levis (right) reunite on season 10 of Vanderpump Rules.

Tom Sandoval (left), Tom Schwartz (center) and Raquel Levis (right) reunite on season 10 of Vanderpump Rules.Credit: let

According to actress Kristen Doute, who spoke about the scandal on her podcast sex, love and other important thingsMadix allegedly found out about the news after finding explicit photos of Levis on Sandoval’s phone, which fell out of his pocket. Rumors began to circulate about the timeline, with some claiming that Levis and Sandoval shared their first kiss shortly after Maddix’s dog died, and others claiming that they slept in the same house where Maddix slept.

What has happened since then?

Immediately captivated (and enraged) by this chaotic betrayal, fans retraced through social media and analyzed every photo, post and episode for signs they might have missed.

All they’re left to do is question whether Levis and Sandoval are playing some kind of twisted game, gleefully suggesting an affair on and off camera.Some fans pointed out that Sandoval dressed up as Levis for Halloween, others pointed out with lightning necklace Been wearing Leviss and Sandoval for a few months.

Fans were also quick to question the “other Tom” — Tom Schwartz. One of the main plot points of season 10 was the flirtatious dynamic between him and Levis, but some fans who supported Madix began to wonder if it was a bait used to distract viewers from the forbidden relationship, especially Is considering his brotherhood with Sandoval.However, Schwartz insisted that he do not know anything until things come to light.

This was more or less confirmed in early March, when Sandoval posted a statement on Instagram imploring fans to leave his family and friends alone and announcing that he was “on hiatus” from work.A few days later, he sent another Instagram statement Apologies to Madix.

“I want to apologize to Ariana. I made mistakes, I was selfish and made reckless decisions that hurt someone I love. No one should feel that pain so painfully and publicly.”

Leviss was also the first to pass entertainment tonight Then instagram, acknowledging that her feelings for Sandoval have always been genuine, despite the hurt it caused.According to reports, she was Check-in facility Received mental health treatment due to the criticism she endured.

As for Maddix, an anonymous source told people She was completely blindsided by the news.

“This has been going on for over 6 months – Tom has been sleeping next to Ariana the whole time,” the source said. “She was completely blinded by this; the devastation didn’t even scratch the surface of her feelings.”

Most of the cast supported Maddix after rumors of the affair, with co-star Lara Kent encouraging people to chant Maddix’s name at Sandoval’s future cover band performance. “I’m activated. I’m activated as f—-. Now I’ve got Ariana’s permission… Blowtorch, gasoline, grenade launcher, everything is ready,” she said on Instagram.

How is this different from other reality TV scandals?

First, the incident seemed to have come out of nowhere, throwing fans’ understanding of the actor’s dynamic off-axis.Sandoval and Maddix’s relationship is like a North Star Volatile PR Fans – While the rest of the cast is in turmoil, their dynamic remains relatively steady and reassuring. With little sign of a previous hiatus, viewers were unable to temper the prospect of a breakup or find alternative “emotional anchors” for the show.

Second, the saga involves three people who are actively involved in the current season and unfolded during production, meaning the aftermath is filmed more or less in real time. Many cheating scandals happen off-screen, between seasons or with unknown players: Ramona Singer of the real housewives of new york Separated from her husband between seasons, Luann de Lesseps, also a New York housewife, found out on the show that Tom D’Agostino had cheated on her, but he barely appeared onscreen.

Left to right: Lisa Vanderpump, Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz and Raquel Lewis reunite for Season 10.

Left to right: Lisa Vanderpump, Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz and Raquel Lewis reunite for Season 10.Credit: let

Considering how fans have reacted so far, it’s as if they’re going through (and documenting) the pain and betrayal with Madix.

Finally, unlike real housewives – Often a motley crew is chosen specifically for the show—Volatile PR Follow the restaurant employees, many of whom happen to be friends and worked at SUR before the show even started. Some relationships, while they may be exaggerated for entertainment, are based on bonds that have developed over the years.The raw emotion expressed by co-stars and fans is the result of relatability Volatile PR Actors – They’re just a group of friends carrying the baggage of decades of friendship.

How long will this show last?

Season 10 is technically over—with a dramatic finale depicting the aftermath between Sandoval and Schwartz, Sandoval’s ignition of Madix, and many (crocodile?) tears—but for For those not yet satisfied, the first episode of the three-part reunion drops Thursday.

Volatile PR Having found its new villain in Sandoval, it attracted a whole new audience who came to the show and stayed for the aftermath.Just as sports fans flock to the Super Bowl every year, reality TV fans may return to Volatile PR Next season, expect a Madix touchdown.

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