How to dress like NoHo Hank from Barry

NoHo Hank is no ordinary Chechen gangster. His urbane, cheerful demeanor and flashy exterior hide a tormented soul, an outsider in a world of bloody violence.Sure, he’s as power-hungry as any criminal, but in 500+ minutes, I’ve never even seen an Eastern European gangster in a turquoise jersey polo with a zip-up collar john wick Movie. NoHo Hank is special, and so is his wardrobe.

He’s the kind of guy who, in his slim-fit slacks, no-sock leather loafers, Ed Hardy T-shirt without irony, bomber jackets in every pastel shade, open-necked polo shirts, and gleaming gold chains, shows he’s serious about Orthodox devotion to God (denominationally, not deedwise).It’s a style some might call Euro grunge, the kind you’d get in a flashy casino nightclub or Y2K Era Music Video by ScooterHe’s dressed like one of Politix’s or YD’s mannequins at your nearest Westfield. However, NoHo Hank pulls it off with inspiring aplomb, with his goofy yet good-natured charm (maybe actor Anthony Carrigan’s hair loss helps?).

Barry's charming Chechen gangster is the most powerful makeup artist on TV.

Barry’s charming Chechen gangster is the most powerful makeup artist on television.Credit: Maria Elchegovac

His irrepressible style was evident from the start.when we first met hank barryIn earlier seasons, he’s already stood out from the other slobs in his syndicate. The gorgeous polo shirts were there, tucked into neat tan chinos, bomber jackets and brown leather membership jackets to complete the look. Even though it often seems like a character play, there’s always a glimpse of Hank’s true self. If I were a hostile gangster — say, a Bolivian or a Burmese — I’d be honored to die at the behest of someone so hip (Hank’s hands didn’t bleed).

In contrast, the gangsters in Australian TV dramas are embarrassing. Either thongs and goatees are involved, or a jaded reverence for Scorsese’s ’70s disco-clad sages. Give me a Chechen boss in an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt anytime.

At NoHo Hank’s happiest, in the woods in Santa Fe with his Bolivian cartel enemy-turned-lover Cristobal at the start of season four, his fashion is at his funniest: a beaded fedora, It’s like he’s a guitarist in an ’80s hair metal band; an earthy poncho that complements his vacation setting. It signals a new level of letting go, an opportunity for self-confidence that one takes when one is comfortably content, or, paraphrase drakeClose the market and close the map.

Then Cristóbal died and was executed, largely – well, entirely – due to Hank’s own ill-considered betrayal. If you’d think losing the love of his life would soften his tone, it doesn’t. When we meet NoHo Hank eight years after the event, he’s now the busy CEO of Nohobal Enterprises’ own sand empire, and he’s rocking an aquamarine three-piece suit with bright buttons patterned like a koi carp . His soul has calcified, but his essence remains. Because Nohohank knows that no matter how turbulent the heart is, one must keep the outside, a lesson for all who aspire to rule their own sand empire.

barryThe series finale airs Monday, May 29 at 9:30 p.m. on Foxtel.

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