How do I stop drinking so much? You don’t have to give up alcohol entirely

“He was much worse than I thought. He never took care of the kids,” Bree said. “He started drinking heavily at 20. When he got married he became very rough.”

“While he had no intention of harming us physically, whenever he got angry he would push our little ones over. I lived with him for fifteen years until my kids were old enough to take care of themselves.”

this Australian Alcohol Guide Healthy adults are advised to drink up to 10 standard drinks per week to reduce the lifetime risk of harm from alcohol-related disease or injury, or up to 4 standard drinks per day to reduce the risk of alcohol-related harm.

Amber Rules, a clinical expert in supporting individuals and families affected by drug addiction, said people could control their drinking.

There are ways to limit your alcohol consumption.

There are ways to limit your alcohol consumption.Credit: iStock

“Plan ahead and decide on your drinking limit and stick to it. Pour your own drinks, make sure they’re standard sizes, and keep track of how much you drink,” she says.

”⁣ Drink something fun and enjoyable non-alcoholic so you can pace yourself without feeling like you’re missing out.”⁣

If you’re having trouble setting alcohol limits and sticking to them, it’s important to contact a professional, Rules advises.

Amriit says people don’t have to be teetotalers.

“I think the good news is that we don’t need to ‘break up’ and cold turkey to get results,” she said.

“It’s important to realize that when we use alcohol as a crutch to shore up an area of ​​life we’re struggling with, rather than enjoying a glass of wine or beer with friends or family or at a meal. The two are very different. My client A big part of the journey to greater happiness and well-being and better performance includes learning how to have a healthier relationship with alcohol.”

However, one in four Australians aged 18 and over exceeded the Australian adult alcohol intake guidelines (25.8 per cent) in 2020-21, according to ABS alcohol consumption figures. Men were more likely than women to exceed guidelines (33.6% vs 18.5%).

Psychotherapist Eugenie Pepper said people concerned about drinking needed to consider their state of mind.


“You can control how much you drink. When you become more mindful about your drinking, you can change your attitude toward alcohol and your drinking habits,” she says.

“You can create a new set of drinking rules. You can plan your drinking schedule in advance. You can choose days when you don’t drink. Choose to limit the amount of alcohol you drink before social events.

“When you write something down, you’re more likely to stick with it, so write your goals down and maybe take them with you. Be honest with yourself when planning how much you’re going to drink. What’s your tipping point? That’s when you stop caring. For some, a drink or two is ok. Others can get away with more. If you don’t establish your tipping point, all your plans will fall through.”

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