Forgotten Football Australia ‘unequivocally’ reaffirms support for Voice

In 2021, the Football Association established the National Aboriginal Advisory Group, co-chaired by Billy Piman and former Football Association Yubei. Matilda Kyah Simon, an Anaiwan and Biripi woman and the first Aboriginal footballer to score a goal in the FIFA World Cup, is also a member.

“As Australian football, it’s in our DNA,” North said.


In its new statement, the FA said its vision was to be “recognized as a leader in Indigenous sport and a conduit for the reconciliation process with Aboriginal people”, a message echoed by Aboriginal managing director Courtney Fewquandie.

“Under the careful guidance of the NIAG, Football Australia remains committed to supporting football’s role in promoting Indigenous recognition and culturally informed decision-making,” said Butchulla and Gubbi Gubbi Women Fewquandie.

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