American Born Chinese starring Michelle Yeoh

Emily Taherney in Monologue.

Emily Taherney in Monologue.

A scathing comedy set in the chaotic offices of Australia’s ‘sixth most-read public affairs publication’, the web series showcases the promise of satirical talent and a brand-new take on digital publishing’s click-hungry millennials Utopia, these six micro-episodes highlight the point where the best intentions are subverted by self-interest. Like a misjudged label, the show’s double meaning can sting.

The characters are high-profile, standing on both sides of the divide between journalism and profit: editor Monique (Emily Taheny) pursuing the former to boost her profile, publisher Max (Mike McLeish ) . ) to plan for the latter. The themes are timely, ranging from AI-generated content to a perverted celebrity death hoax that no one verifies before posting because it invokes the holy trinity of “death, sex, and nostalgia.”

The result is hilarious, as if Monique took over the site’s TikTok account, but Nick Melin’s series gets it right — and there should be some ears burning.Thankfully, we’re past the point where web series like this monologue Judgment can be extended to half an hour on ABC. Like a catchy title, the show is concise and successful. It is worthy of praise.

Mulligan is voiced by Nat Faxon, Chrissy Teigen and Daniel Radcliffe.

Mulligan is voiced by Nat Faxon, Chrissy Teigen and Daniel Radcliffe.Credit: Netflix


Tina Fey is an executive producer and has a supporting role in this mid-adult animated comedy about a disastrous planet rebuilding after a thwarted alien invasion, but she created it 30 rock collaborators robert carlock and daily show Writer Sam meant it. Between the absurdism of the infrastructure and the goofy character sketches—strange aliens still linger nearby—the visual aesthetic of the show falls short, and despite Nat Faxon’s brilliant voice acting, many Enjoyable jokes don’t add up to much, Sam Richardson and Dana Carvey.

ghosts of beirut

Documentary from Fuda Co-created by Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff, this limited series follows the rise and eventual fall of Imad Mughniyeh, a Lebanese activist who helped form Hezbollah in the 1980s and orchestrated the group’s countless sprawling campaigns in the Middle East. Prominence in the conflict. The four episodes mix dramatic leads and documentary testimony from those who studied or hunted down Mughniyeh, a tactician who pioneered the use of suicide bombers, and while it’s entertaining in parts, it’s limited by the short story The impact of the plot and intermittent character glimpses. There is no core to grab.

Chase Sui Wonders and Wyatt Oleff in the Burning City.

Chase Sui Wonders and Wyatt Oleff in the Burning City.
Credit: Apple TV+

city ​​of fire
Apple TV+

A notable misstep for Apple TV+ was Garth Risk Hallberg’s acclaimed murder mystery novel, a sprawling, atmospheric tale set through the ruins of mid-1970s New York, adapted by Josh Schwartz (the oc) and Stephanie Savage (gossip Girl). Unsurprisingly, the couple unfortunately moved the setting to 2003, and while that was their cultural sweet spot, the resulting series lacked a sense of place, with a mishmash of characters who seemed inspired by different eras, even Famous era-friendly soundtrack. The page-turning appeal of the book is gone.


Welcome to Flatch

transatlantic success office recent ghost Meaning the US network will forever remake the hit British comedy.This unlikely source is from siblings Daisy May and Charlie Cooper this country, a poignant and insightful mockumentary about life in a dead-end English country town. Transferred to Ohio, remake by Jenny Bicks (sex and the city) works fairly well in its own way, as cousins ​​Kelly (comedian Sherlock Holmes) and “Brush” Marlette (Sam Straley) keep busy doing nothing. If you haven’t seen the original, it plays better.

Welcome to Fletcher, Sam Straley and Holmes.

Welcome to Fletcher, Sam Straley and Holmes.

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