Ambos get with the system

“I heard yesterday that the NSW Ambulance Service is rolling out an automated CPR machine,” wrote Toongabbie’s Bruce Moxon. “Good idea. Except, it’s called LUCAS – Lund University Cardiopulmonary Assist System. More reliable than the Lucas system we’ve just discussed here – it leaves us cold and stranded.”

While Granny suspects that Warren Menteith (C8) may have confused the corrugated sole with the crepe sole, Weston (ACT)’s Mike Fogarty simply marvels: “Wazza Menteith, Survivor, Sixties. Back then young and restless The dress code also includes: Subtle “spotted” pants, fancy Hawaiian shirts and a sprinkle of California poppies on your shaggy hair. For our young people, sixty years on, they are still the past good time.”

“After Phil Lennox’s ‘bacon and eggs’ vs ‘eggs and bacon’ query, I was reminded of my own stark discrepancy in referring to cutlery,” says Annam Hill’s Joy Patterson. “Watched my son’s new girlfriend hand me the ‘fork and knife’ with my Canadian/Australian accent and saw her surprised reaction as she only handed me the knife. ‘Fork and knife’ – Australian. ‘Fork and knife’ – Canadian.”

Don’t quote him, but Coogee’s John Swanton hopes ‘with a new state government, hopefully they can restore TAFE to the great higher education system it once was. I would like to recommend some new courses for tradesmen. They include: Showed up that day, didn’t pass early because the waves were big and didn’t charge more per hour than my lawyer.”

“When it comes to uniforms (C8), the uniforms worn by Hogwarts students are not widely known harry potter The series was inspired by the ‘traje’ worn by Portuguese university students,” says Ashbury’s Peter Miniutti.

Julian Neylan, of Dulwich Hill, said: “In addition to Christo Curtis’ incident about a visitor mistaking a VIP lounge sign for a brothel (C8), there was a recent case where a visitor from Rome was harassing young women idle in CBD laneways. The number was amazing.” “He was convinced that these smoking office workers were ‘career women.'”

“If Colin Taylor-Evans thinks the price of desert boots (C8) has skyrocketed, he should try buying some Crocs have a good weekend Only $670! says Leura’s Paul Duncan. “I’m still wearing the alligator shoes I bought for $10 two years ago. “

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