Luke Brooks inspires Tigers to record win in 200th game

The burly left-footer has had consistent issues while also being a victim of his generous salary. At half the shipping cost, the Brooks does look like a good investment.

The Tigers haven’t scored more than 40 points since Round 18 in 2021 against the Broncos.

Once the wifi stops crashing at suburban ballparks, it will be revealed that the Tigers have never scored so many points. Their most points were a 56-6 defeat to the Nantes in 2004.

After the Bulldogs went 54-2 in the 2005 Premier League season, their best winning percentage remains 52 points.

If Brooks is unreal, so is Starford To’o, who is celebrating his 50th NRL game.It was almost a mismatch when going head-to-head with international rivals Val Holmes

If anyone should have a stiff drink after the full court, it’s the scoreboard attendant who didn’t stop.

Forward Joe Ofahengaue must be grateful too Tigers dig their heels and delayed his immediate move to Parramatta.

Ofahengaue, who could join the Eels in the next few days, will exit with fond memories, and if he doesn’t fail to ground To’a grubber, he could almost give it a try.

After a poor start to the year, coach Tim Hines never panicked. He enjoys every minute as he squeezes into the coaching box with his assistant — and eventual successor — Benji Marshall.


Another ex-Tigers player, Todd Payten, will hate going back to his old place. The Cowboys coach will be very disappointed after what many neutral fans thought was a feel-good story from last year is finally returning. It was the most points they have conceded in the club’s history.

Another former Tigers cowboy, Luciano Leilua, was playing in his first game of the year on Thursday after domestic violence charges against him were dropped in court.

But the locals made sure to hand it to him with every carry. Leilua ended up being one of three Cowboys trying to score.

The Tigers played with speed and intent, and four minutes later Api Koroisau threw a lovely short ball for Stefano Utoikamanu to end the game.

Toup Jr. was on the scoreboard when the Tigers passed the ball to Brooks and Brandon Wickham.

Brooks made a brilliant drive early in the game to get the Tigers on the offense.

The folks in the Keith Barnes stands loved every minute the Tigers camped out at the south end of the field.

What a night. Brooks never forgot it. Neither will the history books.

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