What could go wrong? An $80 million property spree in the balance

second house in vaucluse The Harbor added the project last April for around $27 million, but the modern dig site above the Hermitage Foreshore Reserve has also returned to the market, again through a new sales campaign in Lewis.

A house in Rose Bay followed suit last May, selling for nearly $18 million. It is expected to return to the market, although sellers have been advised to continue discussions with Wang, and his warning remains on ownership.

Another house in Vaucluse followed suit in July for about $12 million, and that deal was terminated in March, although Wang submitted a DA for a $3.8 million demolition and rebuild.

The Vaucluse home purchased by Christian Wang's corporate interests in 2020 sold for $17.5 million.

The Vaucluse home purchased by Christian Wang’s corporate interests in 2020 sold for $17.5 million.Credit: field

If Wang fails to complete all four deals, he could forfeit $4 million, provided the deposit is only 5%. The standard deposit is 10%.

A fifth property, this time in Point Piper, also purchased on behalf of a family member for more than $16 million, was not disclosed in title records and won’t settle for at least another month or so. stress free.

Redfern’s $8 million pad

Adam Haddow's penthouse fetches $8 million in Redfern.

Adam Haddow’s penthouse fetches $8 million in Redfern.Credit: field

Hasn’t Redfern come a long way from the heroin epidemic of the 1990s and the race riots of 2004?Once a record is set, another breaks the title record for architect’s award-winning condominium for $8 million Adam Hadow.

Adam Haddow in his rooftop apartment at the Cleveland & Co complex.

Adam Haddow in his rooftop apartment at the Cleveland & Co complex.Credit: Felix Forest

This is a roof garden and residence on the top floor of Cleveland & Co, SJB Director Haddow not only achieved a good sale price through Shannan Whitney’s long-term settlement of BresicWhitney, but also won the 2018 Architizer A+ Award Jury Award and 2017 INSIDE World Interior Design Festival Residential Design Award.

Records show it was purchased by Balmain’s management consultants petore and Kirsty Mandola.

It beats the recent high of just over $6 million set by McGrath’s general manager of national sales troy malcolmand the head of Woolworths Brad Banducci’s $6.85 million construction purchase for 2021 part residence/part gallery.

Riding on the momentum

stand up comedian Karl Barron Swapped his eastern suburbs apartment overlooking the harbor for a recently renovated Victorian terrace in Paddington for about $6.7 million.

The four-bedroom home was purchased through BresicWhitney’s Maclay Longhurst, which coincides with the sale of Barron’s former full-floor Darling Point apartment for $6 million.

Carl Barron buys a Victorian terrace in Paddington.

Carl Barron buys a Victorian terrace in Paddington.Credit: Jim Lee

For years, the stand-up comedian has been a savvy real estate trader, riding the waves of the past decade’s successive housing booms. In the two years since he bought his Darling Point apartment for $4.7 million, his apartment has reaped substantial gains.

Barron’s former home at Rockwall Apartments in Potts Point was bought in 2013 for $4 million and sold in 2019 for $5.1 million.

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