The ring to say you’re single taking on dating apps

What’s more, a little green ring isn’t going to greatly reduce my chances of being rejected if I take the risk and ask one of the wearers out on a date.I mean, I was matched with a guy on a dating site and still He refused to go out with me. Being rejected because a guy is married is bad enough; being rejected when he is single and actively looking is even worse.


And the ring definitely won’t replace my need for a dating app. I’m working from home, like many of us have been since the pandemic. It doesn’t make sense for me to wear a light green ring if the only thing that can see it is the cat.

Having said that, I would probably buy a ring and wear it on an occasion full of potential romantic relationships. Take nightclubs, for example. Social activities. Wedding Ceremony. long-haul flights. Granted, I’ve never been to a nightclub or a social event, but I did sit next to a single guy on a long-haul flight. He seemed interested in me until he found out that I was 15 years older than him. Maybe pears need to have a date of birth too?

Maybe we can all wear different colored rings to show the world what we’re looking for.there may be a ring for whoever is looking Scenario ship (which is a thing), and a ring for those who are only interested in casual hookups. There can be one ring for those seeking a same-sex partnership and one ring for those seeking a heterosexual relationship. There can be a ring for someone who wants a baby daddy, or a ring for someone who is just looking for a new friend.


Married people can still wear their rings to show the world that they are off the market for good. And those of us who are in a relationship but not married will not wear a ring, thus showing that we are in a relationship but not married. (God knows we don’t want to give hope to people on escalators, even if they’ve never expressed hope to us in the past.)

Life will be easier for all of us! What could go wrong?

As long as we don’t wear gloves, otherwise we’re back to square one.

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