Sarah Wilson, I Quit Sugar founder, on sex, death and religion

Is there anything better than sex? food. and hiking.


I feel that a lot of your work—especially the more personal aspects—is influenced by the inevitability of death. Where did that come from? It’s no big secret: I’ve had a brush with suicide, and it takes you there. But all this made me realize the value of life. It forces you to come off the conveyor belt of life and go, “My gosh. This is going to end, so let’s make the most of this.” Let’s live.


During those suicidal times, what helps? How do you emerge from overwhelming darkness? I see its purpose.that’s a big part First, we make the beast beautiful: Being aware of the beast is a beautiful thing. It exists for a reason. When you are in the dark, you are on the threshold. Something is going on. One of the main things I do is what’s called a soul nerd. I go to read the creative work of incredible people who feel the same way; who feel the pain of existence and create something beautiful. Virginia Woolf, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus and other writers. There are many poets. I spend time in nature — camping or hiking — just to settle down. Nature took care of that for me.

You are famous for giving me you are one of them A campaign called “I Quit Gas” – Partnership with the Climate Commission. How much of these works are motivated by anxieties about the death of nature and our ability to live within it? Ultimately, Earth will survive. It’s people who are questionable. What drives me to start these activities is that I don’t want anyone to wake up and say, “I couldn’t have done enough.” That would be the ultimate human pain point: Regret, before it’s too late. Big financial institutions, pension companies, they’re all divesting, pulling out of coal and gas. They have no future. Renewable energy prices are falling. It’s about communicating these things so no one gets left behind.

What else is there to do before you die? what’s on the list A little more love.



When you started I Quitu Sugar, a lot of people said, “Is this a cult?” Do you think the mainstream health mandate to limit sugar intake is correct? Oh, I could do a little “I told you so”.but as [German philosopher Arthur] Schopenhauer said: First, [the truth] Being laughed at. Second, it was strongly opposed. Third, it is considered self-evident.

What’s your relationship with sugar now? Pretty much the same as when I was running a company and writing a book. I ate a little. If there’s dessert and I’m out with friends, I’ll eat it. I really don’t like it; I often need to recalibrate like everyone else. But I will never drink juice. I would never drink liquid sugar. I choose my poison in the correct format.

You write “PTSD” with everything that’s going on: COVID, climate breakdown, economic collapse, political collapse. What is the solution? PTSD and trauma expert Richard Tedeschi points out that some estimates suggest 70% of traumas lead to growth, so I do see this as an opportunity. More broadly, I would say that channeling any kind of anxiety and trauma into activism has been psychologically proven to be the ultimate solution. Getting into the fetal position is the worst thing you can do: We have to keep dealing with anxiety. Activism has proven to be helpful for this.

Lifeline: 13 11 14; beyond blue.

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