Jury out on Voss’s Blues after failing Lions test


“I think we’ve said from the beginning that we have a very passionate group of supporters,” Voss said.

“We had a membership record today. So when you get a wave of support, you want them to have a voice, and with that comes the good, and with that comes some of the things that you have to go through as well.

“What they should know is that they have a group of guys here who really want to get better and we had some feedback today that we need to do something. We understand the frustration and we’ll catch up with it. That’s our commitment. “

Despite winning 23 contested possessions and having 57 over possessions, the Blues were stifled by the Lions, who scored 13 of their 15 goals through errors. Vice-captain Jacob Weitering and All-Australia centre-back Adam Saad were among those conceding goals.

“We made a lot of mistakes with the ball in our hands and it was actually our effort that kept us in the game,” Voss said. “But when they started getting an advantage around the ball in the third quarter, they were able to execute better than us.

“The inconsistency is our execution, there’s been too much volatility. Some of the costly mistakes where we get points is not what you want, it’s in your second half and they’re able to score.

“Nine shots on target for 50 of their strikers is too much. You pass someone you shouldn’t pass and it just puts pressure on your team to keep executing.

“You could be doing a little more than you should, and your character could start to stray from the way we wanted to set up the game because we wanted to figure it out ourselves. It just put some pressure on us, and we couldn’t execute the time.”

Carlton skipper Patrick Cripps was rounded out by Josh Dunkley, who had arguably the best game on the field with 33 tackles and 13 tackles to Brownlow Medallist’s 17.


Lions head coach Chris Fagan described Dunkley’s performance in his 25th season in the AFL as “one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen.”

“If you weigh it — he had 33 touches, 13 tackles, kept Cripps quiet,” Fagan said.

“Honestly, I could have let Cripps play quietly but Josh’s impact on the game has been extraordinary and his leadership has been fantastic since he’s been at the club.

“He’s happy to roll up his sleeves and contribute to the team.

“In that regard, he set a great example for others.

“I mean, he’s been working on Cripps all week. I think, we just thought the guys were really important to them and just put in a really great defensive and offensive performance.”

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