How AI may affect journalism jobs in the fashion industry

I wrote this. obviously? Not since the fashion world fell in love with ChatGPT-3.

You feed a series of simple word prompts into a language processing chatbot, and it generates text with a human-like tone, and voila! Those e-commerce product paragraphs you pay freelance writers $40 an hour to create are done. Fashion columnists are definitely on borrowed time.

Goldman Sachs predicts that 300 million jobs will disappear or be reduced.

Goldman Sachs predicts that 300 million jobs will disappear or be reduced.Credit: Getty Images

Can AI generate my column? In the countless words I’ve written over the past forty years, there have been times when I wish I could subcontract the work to robots. For all I know, ChatGPT is probably already familiar with my work, as its human caretakers have fed it 300 billion words. My redeeming qualities (for now) range from book essays to long profile, so I don’t have an easily recognizable style that a chatbot can learn and then use to outdo me (for now). But it can top me on the “fashion feed” we try, every season, to make shapes, fabrics, and color combinations that sound like new ones. Writing headlines and fashion essays is the entry point for young journalists, like I was, into the profession.

Fashion giants such as Gucci and Prada have found many uses for AI. What makes ChatGPT (created by leading AI lab OpenAI) different is that it’s easy for small businesses to use, and it’s free. GPT stands for Generative Pre-Training Transformer Technique. With tips, it’s possible to create your social media content in the style of your brand. Actor Ryan Reynolds proved it could also write a qualified TV ad for the telecommunications company he owns, Mint Mobile. All of this means significant savings to the bottom line.

What’s the fare? Now, you might want to keep the human writers sweet, since glitches require fine-tuning. (OpenAI calls these “illusions.”) But it used to be. When the late, great fashion writer Georgina Howell began her career in 1958, she learned a lesson she’ll never forget: think not just about content, but also about context.British Fashion, she had landed a job, won the magazine’s young talent competition, but had to be pulled from the printing press at the last minute because someone noticed the meaning of the headline about the straw hats. It’s positioned below the headline of a regular feature so that the whole thing reads: “Why not? . . . spend the summer with a big black sailor.” ChatGPT technology that captures the context between sentences would catch that. a little?


like howell i work with in london sunday timesI won my way into fashion in 1985 through an open competition honey magazineYoung Journalist of the Year. There is no doubt that every game of this kind is now assisted by chatbots. But how do the winners progress further when a robot does the entry-level writing that’s supposed to teach you your craft? This thought makes me sad.

It was nothing compared to my horror when I learned that AI was approaching AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), which some said would be “God-like”. AGI will define geopolitics in the same way that oil and nuclear weapons defined the 20th century, expert Ian Hogarth asserted at a fashion business event.Goldman Sachs Forecast 300 million jobs lost or degraded. Some of it will be in fashion journalism, which is a small thing. So I think what I heard was a violin. Played by robots.

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