Artist subject to review into provenance of Indigenous art takes out Wynne Prize

“My work is called Imma English is cultural song and dance. I am my work, I live my work, I live my life in my studio in Adelaide. “

The multidisciplinary artist started painting with his father Robert in 2019, but when Electric Fields shows in the US were canceled due to the pandemic, art took a serious turn.

“The money stopped flowing, so I went into canvas, which was my new arena, and I thought I was really, really good in it. I was a therapist and a patient at the same time,” he said.

Memory of Country inspired Fielding’s artistic and musical talents.painted title Imma It’s “an emotion and a specific place,” he said.

Asked what’s next, Fielding said: “I need to go home, I haven’t been home since last April, I need to go back to this country where I’m painting. That’s what I need to do the first thing.”

Anne Ryan, the gallery’s curator of Australian art, said she admired Fielding’s winning work for its innovation in weaving the text of the Western Desert with spatial form.

“Here is a young artist who has taken the culture of older generations and made it his own. He is definitely full of energy, energy, and his pictures are full of confidence. For an artist in the early stages of his career in the visual arts , which is quite impressive.”

The Art Gallery of New South Wales says it knows Australian And keep an eye on this issue. “We also firmly believe that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have the right to self-determination in matters of their culture and in matters of expressing it.”

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