Matt Tripp addresses rumours News Corp-backed Betr about to collapse

Still, Tripp remained optimistic about Bate’s future when contacted on Thursday.

“Rumours are rubbish,” he said. “The business is in good shape, exceeding expectations. We are very pleased with what we have produced for the market. We have a long way to go and we admit that we are a start-up with an entrepreneurial mindset and we are still considering the merits of the acquisition . We have not fully closed the doors on PointsBet and will continue to conduct business the way we have always planned.”

As for the speculation that he wants to sell the business for $100 million, Tripp said: “That’s not right, absolutely not. That just means I’m going to make a small profit, that’s not why I’m here.”

While Deauville Legend was a dire result for Betr, Tripp said it would face no major losses if Penrith win the NRL Premier League title and Geelong take another AFL flag by cashing out. Betr has placed bets with other bookmakers, he said.

I was told he expects Penrith to lose $80 million and Geelong $30 million.

“That’s about four times as far as where it’s going to land,” Tripp said. “That was not the case with Penrith. We’ve taken bets and if you ask some of the bookmakers around the trap they’ll say so. Penrith was our worst result but it’s far from it. We’re giving customers $100 withdrawal service, and a lot of people are doing it.”

news corp chief executive Miller declined to comment.

Gambling at PVL claims lost bet

Still at Tripp, boss of ARL committee Peter Verandis Engaged him two years ago on the Magic Round about how the NRL dipped its big toe into the river of gold created by the booming US gaming market.

Tripp told him the NRL didn’t have to play foreign games for it, but V’landys insisted on starting the 2024 season in a double format next February in Las Vegas.

“They can do it without playing,” Tripp said. “I offered to help them. No one has spoken to me about it, but if the NRL comes knocking, we’ll look at it.”

The V’landys will meet with the Nevada Tourism Commission in the coming weeks to see if playing at Allegiant Stadium is commercially viable.

ARL Committee Chair Peter V'landys.

ARL Committee Chair Peter V’landys.Credit: NRL photo

my interview earlier this week The offer to discuss Las Vegas with him sparked a flurry of responses, mostly about his outrageous claims that NFL is better when you gamble.

“Football league is a tribal entertainment product,” he told me. “What betting does is add a little bit of entertainment to an already great product. I run tipping contests at work so I watch every game. If I bet on the first try scorer it will give you Bring more fun.”

If you lose, big guy. As for the tipping contest, it’s not much fun for those of us who tip our beloved Dragons every week.

Tim Costelloa leading advocate for the Gambling Reform Coalition, was unimpressed by V’landys’ comments

“Is it sarcasm? Of course, it’s sarcasm,” he said protector.

The comments are true, baby, but they sure are weird, especially when there is a parliamentary inquiry into online betting.

CEO of NRL Andrew Abdo Appeared at a public hearing last month knocked down by a chair peta murphy When he claimed fans were not concerned about gambling advertising infiltrating sports.

How Sailors Are Tired of McLennan

chief executive of rugby australia andy sailor resigned earlier this week. Was he pushed or walked? It sounds like a bit of both.

NSWRU and QRU figures are following him with recent cost cuts, although the rugby world certainly feels he is tired of the chairman Hamish McLennan.

We know the feeling.

In recent weeks, “The Hammer” has been relentlessly calling reporters who beat the rugby league with quotes. He thinks he’s stoking interest in rugby, but many people, including those in RA, think the strategy is mostly about him getting headshots and pictures in the news cycle.

All damn time is hammer time more and more boring.

According to reports HeraldMarinos can’t comprehend the $1.6 million that goes into Roosters center every season Joseph Suari. Marinos has also been handed some unpleasant jobs, like sacking the Wallabies coach dave raineywhile McLennan basked in the glory of being protected Eddie Jones.

Rugby Australia chairman Hamish McLennan, Eddie Jones and Rugby Australia chief executive Andy Marinos.

Rugby Australia chairman Hamish McLennan, Eddie Jones and Rugby Australia chief executive Andy Marinos.Credit: getty

McLennan takes a swipe at rugby union players, questioning their resilience and intelligence as he was sun heraldThe Super Rugby continues to gain little traction.

In better times, the NSW and Queensland races have attracted huge audiences, TV ratings and media interest. Sources confirmed they played each other in Townsville on Saturday night.

Venues NSW will miss Lefever

Venues NSW lost one of its best operators on Thursday Carol Love Left the organization after reorganization.

Lefever joined SCG Trust in 2000 after the Sydney Olympics and since then he has been a loyal friend to every journalist who has entered SCG or the Allianz Stadium.

In addition to his involvement with heritage projects in the area, Lefever was the tireless agent behind the Pink Test, which raised valuable funds for the Jane McGrath Foundation.


“Steph Curry you dirty animal lol…he just put together a really good team…in a really solid building,” Portland Trail Blazers’ point guard Damian Lillard back steph curry Dropped 50 points in Golden State’s Game 7 win over the Sacramento Kings.

thumbs up

The club doesn’t like the cameras in the dressing room, but they did reveal that the West Tigers are on the cusp of a special against Penrith at Bathurst. At halftime, the Tigers rose to their feet and had a heated discussion, while the Panthers slumped on the benches and stared at the floor. The winless Tigers beat the defending champions 12-8.

Not optimistic

amateur boxer videos Adam Abdullah25, bashing the referee Hodryagi His stomach was churning at the end of a game at Padstow Park. All referees in all codes at all levels need to be treated with greater respect.


it’s a big weekend

dolphin coach Wayne Bennett, who will coach his 900th NRL game when his team meet Cronulla at the Magic Round on Saturday. The NRL wanted to present him with a trophy after the game at Suncorp Stadium. Good luck if the Dolphins don’t win.

Here’s to a bigger weekend…

Arsenal fans fell to their knees and prayed to the gods that Manchester City could take on lower-ranked Leeds United at midnight on Sunday and their side could beat Newcastle on Monday morning AEST.

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