We get the romance, but not quite enough comedy

Sally hasn’t allowed herself a real relationship since a dick TNO The writer denies the mutual attraction she imagined years ago. (Another Sittenfeld theme: Young Hillary Misreading Male Friendship Rodhama similar situation occurs in the title story of the Sittenfeld series, you think i say.) “You’re confusing comedy romance with romantic comedy,” Sally’s co-workers tell her.


This is a fine line.but there isn’t enough in it romantic comedy. Sittenfeld can be a master of satire with devastating observational wit.She uses it skillfully qualified; maybe it helps to borrow the skeleton of the most beloved romantic comedy of all time.

Of course, comedy is subjective, but I didn’t find the jokes in this novel very funny. A skit about dogs doing a Google search was unsuccessful. I’ve had a lot of behind-the-scenes rants from comedy writers, like Danny’s: “You think my vagina needs a wash, that’s a shame. It shouldn’t smell like flowers when I take it orally.”

while at the same time romantic comedy In order to convince readers of the connection between Sally and Noah, its characters and world often lack the texture of real life. Noah, dubbed “cheesy dude” multiple times, reads more like a cipher than a real person. He once greets Sally, “Those are beautiful shoes.” Danny and Annabel’s relationship feels clichéd even when it tries to charm us: Danny loves to gaze into Annabel’s eyes in her bed, which has millions of pillows , “like being in the most luxurious hotel”. Sittenfeld often uses bland descriptions that don’t show us anything.inside TNO In the boss’s office, people sit on “surprisingly tattered furniture in a surprisingly modest space.”

Speed ​​of crawling in the set section TNO, which takes up nearly half of the book. Sittenfeld Comprehensive Study saturday night live; unfortunately, the text is overwhelmed with mechanical details about how the show works. After the action has shifted its place halfway, the prose relatively emerges in its absence.

Further drafts may have lifted the novel out of the research phase. They may have sharpened the details and honed the comedy. But for now, romantic comedy It felt like a promising sketch for a better novel.

romantic comedy go through Curtis Sittenfeld by Doubleday, $32.99.

Jo Case is dialogue.

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