Victim tells court of ‘predator’

When police told her in 2015 that the tapes were real, “I was horrified again,” the woman said.

“Watching that tape and what you said and did to me made me miserable and sick,” she said. “For up to seven years, I had to wait to spend my day in court and worry about whether you would be held accountable for your actions.

“Today, I can start rebuilding because I know you will be held accountable. There is no punishment big enough for someone like you who was able to carry out such a horrific attack. You deserve it all.”

Parizian went on to claim after being convinced he had engaged in consensual role play with the woman. He told a community corrections officer that the woman “played like she didn’t want to” and reenacted a pornographic video.

A report to the tribunal found Parizian was at a below-average risk of re-offending a sex offender and deemed him suitable for community service, but noted he was “hostile to women”.

“Mr Parizian seems to believe that women’s intentions are often malicious, which is clear [in] His statement ‘90% of women are gold diggers’,” the report said.


“Mr. Parizian’s non-consensual sex offenses may be an indicator of a risk factor for abnormal sexual interest, which is associated with an increased risk of sexual recidivism.”

Parizian’s attorney, Chris Watson, said Friday there was a lack of evidence his client poisoned the woman’s drink. He said there were other explanations for her behavior in the video, including food poisoning.

“He still denies offense,” Watson said.

Judge Jane Culver (Jane Culver) said she did not see the woman’s behavior in the video consistent with food poisoning. The woman was so clearly under the influence of a substance that the jury rejected claims she had been playing a role, she said.

“You have evidence from the victim that she did not voluntarily or intentionally consume any substance that would explain what we observed on the tape,” Culver said.

Parizian will be sentenced on May 26.

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