Teenage boy sentenced over attack on pregnant mother Diane Miller in Karawara car park

CCTV footage later showed the group snatching weapons including glass bottles and a stool. Edmonds also took a tire iron and hammer from the trunk of his car.

The fighting died down quickly and the crowd started to disperse, but the 17-year-old was just across the road. He later told police he thought he was told to fetch “a rock or a brick”.

Unaware that others had stopped, he spotted a “concrete block” weighing almost 2kg, hid behind a wall and threw it at Miller, who was in the car as the family started driving away in the passenger seat, hitting Miller. She is on the head.

she suffered a catastrophic brain injury and died three days later. Her unborn baby, Leroy, also died.

Miller’s mother, Annette, filed victim impact statements, some of which were read in court.

“[She] She was my pride and joy, my heart and soul until she was taken from me,” the statement read.

“I’m never the same again, I’ve lost all joy… My mental health has clearly deteriorated… I don’t go out anymore… Criminals took my life.”

The family held signs and wore T-shirts with Miller's face on them.

The family held signs and wore T-shirts with Miller’s face on them. Credit: Holly Thompson

Quayle said the young man, who was born with a brain injury that severely affected his demeanor, has shown genuine remorse.

“You’re impulsive, you have no self-control. You don’t think about the consequences of what you do,” he said.

“You immediately acknowledge responsibility for your actions… [and said] If you could trade your life for Ms. Millers, you would. “

Quayle also expressed concern about conditions at Banksia Hill, a Perth child and youth detention centre, and said he spends almost a third of his detention spent locked in a cell for more than 20 hours a day.

From April 15 to 23, the youth was held in a cell for more than 19 hours a day – illegal detention.

The judge sentenced the teenager to five years in prison, dating back to when he was first detained. After 26 months, he will be eligible for supervised release.

Miller’s family was devastated when he was sentenced, and their anger and grief were palpable when he was taken away.

Outside court, they described Miller as an amazing mother who kept her children’s lives on track. They say five years in prison is not enough and that justice has not been served.

with Rebecca Peppiatt

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