Meghan Markle straightened her hair

But she’s also someone who has weathered a brutal reckoning for daring to walk away from one of the world’s biggest brands.The hysterical overreaction to her new hair and beautiful skin – the Google search term “Meghan Markle facelift” is trending – is absurd, downright stupid and justifies the Duchess in rejecting her invitation king’s coronation Next weekend.


Why would she put herself in the line of fire again when the monotonous move to apply dewy foundation sparked global speculation about cheek fat removal and chin implants?

I’m so bored that in 2023 someone’s appearance is seen as a cue that prompts the world to weigh in. Remember the outrage about aging gracefully that Madonna’s presence at the Grammys in February sparked? By the way, is this a myth? You’d think Madge hooked up with Vladimir Putin. Yeah, she looks really screwed, but you know what, her face, her choices.

A gorgeous photo of Carrie Bickmore wearing bike shorts on a family walk caused a firestorm on social media last month. The comments are vile and depressing, as is any celebrity who slips into a gown on the beach, supposedly to “show off” her body or “show off her curves.”

Meanwhile, civilians were bombed in Europe.


Late last year, I ducked into a doorway on Exhibition Street to wait for a rainstorm. A man stopped. “You look good for your age,” he said baselessly. When I asked him why he thought it was okay to judge a stranger’s appearance, he took it seriously and suddenly I was the bad guy.

This week, a guy who last saw me in 1988 showed up at a party: “Thought it was you, but you look very different,” he said. Weird concept, but yes, that’s what happens when you’re 56 now instead of 21. Here’s a tip: Don’t comment on my appearance unless you can help me with a quick fix — like telling me I have lipstick on my teeth, or a stray hair on my jacket. Otherwise, keep your thoughts to yourself.

Kate Halfpenny is the founder of Bad Mother Media.

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