Australian man Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones arrested over violent rampage in Aceh, Indonesia

“When they found out, people were furious and almost burned the resort down. Fortunately, the local police and the village chief managed to calm down the mob.”

The sale and consumption of alcohol is banned in Aceh province, where sharia law is enforced and public caning is still practiced for so-called moral offenses such as premarital sex, adultery and homosexuality. People could be whipped for drinking.

Risby-Jones was not investigated under Islamic law because the motorcycle rider’s wife’s police report was about violence, not alcoholism.

Instead, he faces charges under Section 351 of the Indonesian Penal Code, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison for ill-treatment resulting in grievous bodily harm.

However, police say they may still investigate alcohol concerns and, if so, sharia law may also apply. Three Indonesian men given 40 lashes in Banda Aceh in 2021 for drinking in public, news media speed Another person was sentenced to the same sentence in August, the report said.

According to police, in practice there is flexibility for foreign tourists arriving in the province to drink privately, as was the case with Risby-Jones.

“Security allowed him to [to bring in alcohol] But only one bottle because we are under Sharia law in Aceh,” Jatmiko said.

“Due to Sharia law, the district chief has issued a directive against drinking alcohol. Therefore, according to Sharia law, we have the right to check the luggage of tourists at the airport.”

Risby-Jones’ response to the allegations is unclear.

He told police he and a male friend had come to the island to surf for four days as part of a three-week trip to Indonesia.

Located in the northwest corner of the archipelago, Aceh is known as the corridor of Mecca because it is the entrance of Islam into the archipelago.

Although the semi-autonomous region is religiously conservative, it is the only province in Indonesia that officially enforces Sharia law. Simeulue has long attracted surfers, with its uncrowded waves and unspoilt views.

“We have great surf spots and waterfalls,” the police chief said. “People who have been here will not go to Bali again [to surf]. It’s clean and quiet. “

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