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The world is watching Gwyneth Paltrow's trial like it's on Netflix.

The world is watching Gwyneth Paltrow’s trial like it’s on Netflix. Credit: Getty Images

GThe Trial of Wyneth Paltrow Is Her Best Role in Years Announcing recent headlines new yorker – That’s right. The Academy Award winner is the subject of a civil lawsuit in a Utah court over an alleged ski run accident in 2016. The actress has been accused of hitting a fellow skier while on holiday with her family. She said exactly the opposite— he meet she.

The court ruled in favor of Paltrow (#Gwynnocent), but no one really cares about the specifics of the case. Instead, the world binge-watched like a Netflix series, tuning in to Paltrow’s everyday court attire (she’s wearing a turtleneck!) and quoting one of her most iconic lines, including the new meme: “Okay , I lost half a day skiing.”

It’s the latest in a string of celebrity court battles to grab public attention, dating back to 1995 and OJ Simpson’s “Trial of the Century.” Johnny Depp v Amber Heard sparked a parallel trial on TikTok last year, with social media users declaring Depp the innocent party and Heard the guilty party. all crimes. Perhaps a timely reminder that treating the courtroom like a soap opera can have disturbing real-world consequences. It’s worth remembering that the next celebrity to step up will be Donald Trump — who understands the power of acting better than anyone. Thomas Mitchell

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The $20 HuskeeCup is a stylish reminder of the choice to reuse.

The $20 HuskeeCup is a stylish reminder of the choice to reuse.

HuskeeCup features a fin-shaped design and is made from repurposed coffee shells, a stylish reminder of the choice to reuse.Drinkers buy cups of various sizes from participating cafes ($20 for an 8-ounce charcoal or natural cup) On ordering their caffeine fix, then sending it back (without even washing it) on the next order. The “stored” mugs are sanitized and put back in rotation, and customers are replaced with a “new” mug when they leave with their favorite beer. In due course, all cups, lids and saucers can be returned to Huskee or its exchange partner – an app shows where they are – for end-of-life recycling. Frances Monique

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