The ‘bingo’ moments that bring a story to life

this is the type of news Herald The proudest thing is production. It’s costly, there can be legal risks, and we’ve routinely riled up with powerful figures in Australian society who object to being held accountable in the strongest terms possible. But we will continue to support it and produce works that we believe can change the law and prevent the dispossession or physical harm of innocent people.

Another big story this week is overhaul Treasurer Jim Chalmers announced on Thursday how the Reserve Bank will operate.For our Canberra bureau, especially the senior economics reporter Sean WrightThe announcement is the culmination of years of investigation and analysis into how banks operate and whether they are fit for purpose.

The finer details of monetary policy and its application may not be on top of most people’s minds, but the implications of these decisions have real-world consequences for millions of Australians. Wright stands out for his extraordinary work on the subject, making it accessible to the reader and refusing to let it slide into the “too difficult” basket.He wrote an interesting insight into the background of this momentous decision here.

Finally, on a lighter note, we’re happy to tell you that all of our traveler content It is now better integrated into our website. This will make it easier for you to find and read the best Australian travel writing, including reviews, features, recommendations and of course feedback from you, our readers.


The integration is being led by Trudi Jenkins, Director of Traveler Content, Craig Platt, Digital Editor, and Julia Naughton, our Head of Lifestyle and Culture Content, working with a dedicated team behind the scenes to make travel stories more accessible to you. Enjoy their work and start planning your next getaway. We’ve also updated our traveler newsletter, delivering inspiration, information and advice straight to your can sign up here.

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