The tackle Jude Bolton fears will go the way of the bump

Under league court guidelines, a tackle with a pinned arm could be considered rude because the tackled player is in a “vulnerable” position. But a tackle without a fixed arm makes it easier for the ball handler to handle the ball.

Bolton, who once held the league record for the most tackles since that stat was recorded, has sympathy for the modern player who must execute split-second tackles without risking injury knowing that if their opponent breaks free, they too will be hurt. Coach’s review.

“It’s a foot movement, it’s suspended compared to someone coming off the ground and colliding – you want to eradicate that,” Bolton said.

Sebastian Ross was “ganged up” by three Collingwood opponents, including Taylor Adams.Credit: twitter/

“I’m really struggling with it. How do you train it, how do you execute it under the pressure of desperation, the last chance to hold up a striker’s attack?

“Even in my day, they were very inefficient in tackles. You’d get your tackles, raw stats, and see how much of the game was because you didn’t fix that arm. If you didn’t fix that arm, it actually A secondary interceptor will be invited on, and it will open up the game even more.


“If you often look back at goals from a forensic perspective, it’s because of a missed tackle. Executing it has never been more important, but we also know the importance of player safety and so on. This game has made a difference to how they find their way forward. major decision.”

An assistant coach can see when a coach tells a player not to complete a tackle. Gold Coast coach Stuart Du said the game was almost to the point where the players were afraid to throw their opponents to the ground.

“If you choose to put a player down and they hit their head, you’re putting yourself in danger, and I think that’s the right thing to do,” Dew told Fox Footy’s AFL 360. “We need to protect the head and we really need to adjust our coaches as much as possible. Too much [cases] in the first five rounds. “

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