The hills are alive, with the sound of …

“Ted Orme’s Scenic Hill Lookout (C8) reminds me of me growing up in the Parramatta area in the 1960s, with the lookouts at West Pennant Hills and Carlingford offering stunning views of the lights of Western Sydney,” Mount Waverley (Vic )’s Brian Kidd). “But parking is almost impossible because there are so many young people admiring the view. Those days!

“Mudgee is just down the road from Gulgong, and there is a Flirtation Hill, formerly known as Mudgee Lookout, known locally as Flirty. From what I can tell, the Saturday night trade is very hot and probably accounts for most of the Mudgee population ,” noted March’s Jennifer Tidey. “As good as a drive-thru.”

We’ve been waiting for this: “Every time I go up the ground floor of Toormina Medical Center, I think of Thomas Keneally,” says Garry Donnelly of Repton. “I use Schindler’s elevator.”

“The reviews for Berowra Waters Inn (C8) remind me of my days living in the area,” writes Colleen Starkey of Mount Cora. “About once a month, I’d get a call at my landline asking for a table. At first, I’d explain that they had a wrong number, and then one day I couldn’t help but answer: ‘Look, if you tasted my You won’t even want to eat here! I would also add that some 25 years ago a select few Berowra would pay to attend a Sunday night kneeling ceremony at a hotel. Canapes and champagne flowed and everyone danced wildly to the trio. We all managed to stay out of the water on the boat ride back to the public dock.”

Burradoo’s David Baird assures us, ‘It is not true to assert that Queanbeyan High School’s motto (C8)’no job nothing translate to’Don’t blow your nose too hard'”says Peter Riley of Penrith: “The motto thinker took himself too seriously. At an American liberal arts college founded in the 1960s, some of us still remember, its motto fit the grim but ephemeral ethos of the era:everything you needlet it all hang out‘. The great motto of C8. “

“The reason most of the helicopters seen at Coogee (C8) are flying south is because the sightseeing tour from Sydney Airport is a loop, starting at the harbour, then the coastline south, and then cutting back to the airport,” Kareela’s Michael McFadyen suggested.

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