Greg Norman wasn’t invited to Augusta National for The Masters but he hopes to return

World No. 6 Smith, who had a frustrating performance at the Masters and ended up out of contention despite making the cut, was treated like a rock star at Grange Golf Club in LIV’s first foray into Australia.

The 29-year-old is captain of the Ripper GC franchise, which also includes fellow Australians Mark Leishman, Matt Jones and Jed Morgan. After signing a deal reportedly worth $140 million to join the Breakaway Tour, Smith owns 25 percent of the franchise, with LIV controlling the rest.

The Saudi-backed series wants the 12 teams to grow into a Formula 1 franchise where they can control their own budgets and sign commercial deals.

Despite a lackluster start to the year, Smith is still on track to win the LIV golf event in Adelaide, Norman said, and he hopes to leave the US, where LIV has faced harsh criticism.

“Every captain takes on a lot, and when you look at it from Cam’s perspective, when you step out of White Noise in America, he’s the knight in shining armor,” Norman said.

“It’s been a great education for Cam. I love the ability for a kid his age to see generational wealth and develop it by learning about brands and franchises. He’s taking it and embracing it.

“I’d love to see these guys get involved and have the guidance of my team to understand, ‘You’re here today, this is where you’re going tomorrow, and this is where you’re going to be 18 months or four years from now. “. I love seeing that for him.

“I’m very happy for Cam, he has a big future in LIV and golf. He shoulders the responsibilities well and is very mature.”

The builders stopped to watch Cameron Smith during the Pro-Am ahead of the LIV golf event in Adelaide.

The builders stopped to watch Cameron Smith during the Pro-Am ahead of the LIV golf event in Adelaide.Credit: getty

Smith is expected to draw the biggest galleries for the tournament, with initial ticket allotments sold on all three days.

That has prompted Norman and LIV powerbrokers to consider a second event in Australia next year, with Smith’s Queensland team the early front-runners.

“I think that would be untrue,” Smith said. “Coming to Australia this week, I think it means a lot to everyone and I think it’s going to be a great event.

“If we can squeeze two, it’s my hometown, so it’s a personal preference. I know we’re anywhere from here [on Ripper GC], so we’ll wait and see. “

While his league remains out of reach for world ranking points, Norman reiterated his position that LIV can be integrated into the golf ecosystem, despite recent legal setbacks and the long-term involvement of his Saudi bosses.


LIV lost a legal battle against the DP World Tour, which was free to ban the defector from its tour and remains locked in a battle with the PGA Tour, which will be out after signing Norman. LIV players are excluded from their matches.

“We could co-exist easily,” Norman said.

Part of his world tour plan is to take events to places like Australia, which have long lacked top golf tournaments.

“I’ve been playing golf in this country for four and a half years and I’ve seen a lot of failures and some successes,” Norman said.

“As a player who wants the game of golf to be represented in the country the right way, it seemed to me that bringing the LIV event here was a natural deal.

“Look at what Kerry Packer has done to cricket. God bless him, he sits on my right shoulder every day. Believe me, every day. He says, ‘Son, you’re doing great’. I would say he Another word always said, but…”

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