Get ready to laugh your socks off with a fresh crop of talent at the Sydney Comedy Festival

It’s a musical comedy, but unlike anything you’ve ever seen. “I come from a family that is very musical, and I’ve always loved musical theater,” Wall explained. “I kind of hate it. I like it because it’s corny and silly, but music is a glorious vessel to put comedy in. For me, the ideal show is a mashup of pop concert and talk show.”

Although this is their first time at the festival, this is Wall’s seventh performance. They describe it as their most distinctive work to date: “It sounds a bit boastful, but I really think I’ve found my niche now and am doing something that not many people are doing.”

Lou Wall vs The Internet will be at the Factory Theater on May 4th, 6th and 7th.

Andrew Portley

Former attorney Andrew Portley.

Former attorney Andrew Portley.

When I started, I wanted to be Louis CK,” says Melbourne-based stand-up comedian Andrew Portelli. “But for various reasons, I, uh, have given up. It’s been 11 years since his first foray into comedy, and after making his critically acclaimed debut last year, he’s now emerging as an observation comedian, unafraid to infuse his work with darkness: “I would say, in Over the past two years, I’ve started to feel more like myself. “

Before working full-time in comedy, Portley was a criminal prosecutor. He said his legal background gave him perspective and helped him feel comfortable in the spotlight.

“I was never a natural public speaker; I was always more of a writer. But once you go out in court and speak before a judge, you run the risk of real humiliation and lasting effects, not just for you but for others It’s the same with people. The pressure is so great that when you go back to a bar and perform in front of four people, the pressure just goes away.”

Andrew Portelli’s “Hey Great to Catch Up” will be at the Enmore Theater May 20-21.

Bronwen’s Kiss

Queenslander Bronwyn Kuss’ delivery was as dry as the Simpsons desert. But her winning deadpan style wasn’t initially a style choice: “When I first started, I was more nervous, so (that acting style) wasn’t necessary; I couldn’t move that much.”

Ipswich comedian Bronwyn Kuss is dry and matter-of-fact.

Ipswich comedian Bronwyn Kuss is dry and matter-of-fact.

Today, her impeccable and concise speeches are paired with deft writing; her latest work, sounds good, The punch line is unflappable as it recounts her upbringing among Pauline Hanson voters and her flat reaction to her coming out and time spent working in prison.


This is only Kuss’s second solo show, but she’s already breaking into the industry. Last year, she won the Director’s Choice Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, sharing the award with Will Anderson.

sounds good Featuring her eccentric family who love the attention. “I couldn’t go home without someone saying: ‘Ah, you got a lot of material from us!’,” she said. “Right now, I’m done with them. Next year will be another story.”

Bronwyn Kuss’ Sounds Good will be at the Enmore Theater from May 11th to 14th.

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