Dome House on NSW South Coast shaped like a 50-cent piece for sale with price guide of $899,000 to $950,000

An amazing 12 side home with floor plan A coin that looks similar to a 50 cent piece has hit the market in beautiful NSW bush.

unique property in 105 I-ridge Rd in Kiora According to the listing, there are some regulars – local wallabies, birds and opossums. Now, a new owner is being invited to take the keys, with hopes of $899,000 to $950,000.

Known as Naveen, the estate is set on 28 acres on the NSW south coast, near Batemans Bay, north of Bermagui.Exhibits are dome housea dodecagonal dwelling.

this dome house There are two bedrooms on two floors. One of the bedrooms and bathroom is shaped like a slice of pizza.

A circular deck hugs the house with large expanses of timber, including a beautiful heptagonal wall paneling in the living area, for warmth and comfort.

The dome is shaped like a dodecagon.

The dome is shaped like a dodecagon.Credit: Shimizu Real Estate

Surrounded by verdant grounds and bushland vistas, the house appears secluded – close to Deua National Park – yet close to amenities.

The price guide is $899,000 to $950,000.

The price guide is $899,000 to $950,000.Credit: Shimizu Real Estate

“You might feel like you’re a million miles from anywhere, but there’s taxi service, school buses pick up just down the street and the property is just 11km from the main Moruya roundabout,” the listing explains.

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