WA’s ATAR results revealed for class of ’22

Another student with top marks, Daksh Aggarwal, who went to Hale, said he wanted to study a bachelor of philosophy at the University of Western Australia or Melbourne.

“I was very nervous opening my results. My parents were with me when I checked this morning and we were all happy,” he said.

Joshua Soon from Perth Modern also received top marks.

“Year 12 was a surprise, challenging and very fulfilling at first, but I think once I found my rhythm, I managed to get through it,” he said.

“One of the things I’m going to do is reach out to my family and friends more when I need help, instead of just trying to keep my head down.

“The important thing is to keep trying and never give up, if you try your best you won’t be disappointed.”

Perth Modern principal Mitchell Mackay said he was proud of the students’ hard work over the year.

Some of Perth Modern's class of 2022, Raghav Ganapathy, Adam Holton and Jessica Doan and Principal Mitchell Mackay.

Some of Perth Modern’s class of 2022, Raghav Ganapathy, Adam Holton and Jessica Doan and Principal Mitchell Mackay.

“Not only do our students achieve outstanding results, but they also prepare us to be accomplished adults who care about others and are ready to make a huge contribution to the future of Western Australia,” he said.

Methodist Ladies’ College acting principal Jenny Ethell said students throughout the class of 2022 had done well.

“Each of the girls in the Class of 2022 has continued to strive academically while also contributing generously to the University and the community. They are well-prepared and ready for life beyond the gates of the MLC,” she said.

The college’s vice-chancellor, Katy Moore, said the school was not only focused on academic achievement.

Jenny Ethell, Acting Principal, and Katy Moore, Deputy Principal, Methodist Ladies College.

Jenny Ethell, Acting Principal, and Katy Moore, Deputy Principal, Methodist Ladies College.

“With a total of 4,635 hours spent on extracurricular activities and 5,388 hours spent on community service projects, their contributions across many areas of the College are impressive,” she said.

Perth College principal Helen Aguiar said she wanted to recognize that every student’s success was different, rather than relying on one number.

“Interestingly, 87 per cent of our Year 12 students received early university offers in the courses they wanted based on their Year 11 results, the highest number we have ever had,” she said.

Helen Aguiar, Principal of Perth College.

Helen Aguiar, Principal of Perth College.

“Clearly there is a huge shift in using exams and median ATAR scores to rank schools and give students a ‘key’ to university.”

Figures from the National Curriculum and Standards Administration show the most popular subjects for students in 2022 are English, with 9251 exams, Applied Maths with 7331 and Chemistry with 4131.

These courses are followed by human biology, mathematical methods, physics and economics. These subjects have topped the table in the same order since 2019.

The agency also revealed that most Year 12 students who achieved an ATAR took five subjects. Only 777 decided to take six courses, only 24 took seven, and no students took eight.

Education Minister Tony Buti said the release of the results marked “the end of an era” for students.

“After 13 years of schooling, these final results represent a milestone for these young people who are now heading towards the world of employment, further training or university study,” he said.

“I know this is a very exciting and tense time for many and for those who have achieved the desired result there will be a lot of smiles today.

“I tell students who don’t achieve the desired results, don’t despair, contact the college or directly to the training provided by the admissions office … I know there are many ways to achieve your goals.”


The University of Western Australia said while it was too early to know exact figures for 2023, it had already received thousands of applications.

By far their most popular undergraduate program is biomedical science, followed by science, business, engineering, psychology, art and environmental design.

A university spokesman said new courses introduced in the past year were also popular with Year 12 graduates, including criminology and criminal justice, environmental science and human rights.

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