the best parody of progressives since comedy was cancelled

At the latest, this should have been clear when Haz and Megs explained on Netflix that their plan was not to leave the family business, which was the crux of the matter, since the family business pays so well and confers so many privileges. We learned from them that they moved to Canada in the first place because it is a Commonwealth country, where they wanted to continue their duties as Queen while making noise on the side. If this continues, Harry and Meghan could become the soon-to-be king and queen of Canada, the number one dogs in the colony. Who knows what Canadians will think if they suddenly become recipients of the monarchy, but for Harry and Meghan, the show will be sweet.


With that plan failing, the pair cast themselves as a revolution, clearing the cobwebs of antiquated institutions. Fortunately, history offers us some useful insights about revolutions: Revolutions are always initiated by second-tier elites, using unwashed greats and their very real problems as cover for their quest for more power and privilege.

Sure enough, Harry and Meghan have a way of taking big, important topics like racism, misogyny and bullying and making them small, trivial and personal. They claim to be victims and advocates for victims in a hugely privileged position, with dubious evidence, but in doing so, they weaken the force of the charges and damage those who need the terms to still make sense .

This is a problem as the world becomes less stable. Society doesn’t have time for petty issues of privilege. Progressives who can’t stand the post-royal mix should take this opportunity to quietly recalibrate. Complaining from a position of privilege makes us yearn for service and sacrifice—a notoriously slippery slope to conservative values.

Parnell Palme McGuinness is managing director of strategy and policy at strategic communications firm Agenda C. The firm was hired to work for a Liberal MP during a federal election. She also worked for the German Green Party.

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