Poolside essentials for an Australian summer

Gand set Welcome summer by picking up these bright and breezy things for your home.

'Balmoral' umbrella; 'Party Shrimp' puzzle; 'Southport Mallacoota' chair cushion.

‘Balmoral’ umbrella; ‘Party Shrimp’ puzzle; ‘Southport Mallacoota’ chair cushion.

where to buy (this: Primitive Parasol Company “Balmoral” Umbrella, $1995.regional software “Party Shrimp” Puzzle, $15 from Until.Domaine “Southport Mallacoota” Upholstery$169.

'Brighton' sunbeds; sunscreen; 'pink grapefruit' soda; pool floats.

‘Brighton’ sunbeds; sunscreen; ‘pink grapefruit’ soda; pool floats.

where to buy (this: Get carried away “Brighton” sunbed, $1290. We are Feelgood Inc sunscreen, $33. Lo Bros Not Soda “Pink Grapefruit” Soda, $3.70, from Drakes.petite purse pool float$50, from Goldie + Ace.

“Sunset” flowerpot; “Pearl” tumbler; “Across the Sea” insulated lunch bag.

where to buy (this: lightly “Sunset” Planter, $142.Saffron “Pearl” tumbler$69 (set of two) from Casa e Cucina. key parts Keep Beach Snacks and Drinks Cool at Pelli’s “Cross-sea” insulated rice bag$45.

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