Pentagon has received ‘several hundreds’ of new UFO reports

So far, “we haven’t seen anything, and we’re in the very early days that would lead us to believe that any objects we see are of alien origin,” said the undersecretary of defense for intelligence. Ronald Moultrie said and safe. “We consider any unauthorized system in our airspace to be a threat to security.”

The office is also looking at ways to improve its ability to identify unknown objects, Moultrie said, such as by recalibrating sensors that might only focus on signatures of known enemy aircraft or drones.


One of the reasons for the hundreds of additional reports may be the department’s outreach efforts to de-stigmatize reporting potential encounters. Each service also established its own reporting process, Kirkpatrick said.

In addition to unidentifiable objects, there are many new technologies — such as future stealth bombers and fighter jets, drones, and hypersonic missiles deployed by the United States and China — that could be mistaken for UFOs. Kirkpatrick said the new office has been coordinating with the Pentagon and the U.S. intelligence community to obtain a signature on U.S. technology to rule out those planes or drones.

Kirkpatrick said: “We are establishing very clear mechanisms for our blue programs, including our DoD and IC programs, to deconflict any observations related to blue activity and to ensure that we troubleshoot and identify Those activities.” “Blue” U.S. Aircraft Program by Pentagon or Intelligence Agencies.

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