2022 finally the year the party is over for broadcaster

Chris Smith asked fans to pick out a tie for him ahead of the broadcast.

Chris Smith asked fans to pick out a tie for him ahead of the broadcast.Credit:instagram

As the years passed and memories faded, Smith continued to work to wash away the stain of previous scandals. Two years ago, it was 2GB open on weekends. Smith assured the somewhat wary radio boss that he had overcome his demons. He was hired and returned to the 2GB fold.

It wasn’t long before he was a regular understudy host on 2GB’s prestigious weekday breakfasts with Ben Fordham.

For all intents and purposes, Smith comes across as a transformed person. There was no sign on social media of his marital troubles with celebrity nutritionist second wife Susie Burrell, with whom he bought a Naremburn in August $3.6 million home.

Smith, who has publicly apologized for the recent incident and is seeking professional help, has often shared the image of playing the doting father to his four children from two marriages. He also jokingly asked his followers to choose which tie he should wear before the broadcast.

It is working. Before Saturday’s events, Smith had been extending the pinnacle of most of his “off-Broadway” broadcast career.

On the previous Thursday night, he had even found himself embraced in the inner sanctum of the most powerful media circle: the Murdoch family.

Smith, who first opened up about his struggles with alcoholism and bipolar disorder on the Murdoch-owned front page sunday telegraph In 2009, following a drunken incident at 2GB’s Christmas party, Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch “behaved very well” – with With wine.

Smith is well aware that when approaching such a powerful company, make no mistake, as former supermodel Sarah plays the gracious hostess in her designer cocktail attire, while her all-powerful husband, Lak Lachlan is his current “favorite”.

The following evening, Smith found himself in a privileged position again, with elite ‘stars’ invited to the trendy Aria restaurant for a Christmas celebration organized by Murdoch-owned Sky News for its ‘top talent’ together.

Sitting at the table is considered the most powerful executive in Mr Murdoch’s News Corp Australia business, the head of the broadcaster, Siobhan McKenna.


A few days earlier, Smith had posed for a promotional photo. The plan is to announce his new Sky show at Murdoch Media the following Monday.

Smith will join Peta Credlin, Chris Kenny, Andrew Bolt and Paul Murray to kick off the night with a new show at 5pm. To strengthen his endorsement of Murdoch, McKenna publicly strengthened the company’s support for Smith, even as others still saw him as a ticking time bomb.

So, after three days of heavy drinking and back pats, Smith relaxed with his lower-level colleagues on Saturday, including women half his age, when his allegedly lecherous old habits resurfaced.

But in 2022, things are different. Several women after the party protested. One slapped him in disgust.

After writing about Smith for nearly 20 years, I find these headline-grabbing events unsurprising. However, the fact that he ended up in a situation where he could do it all over again is frankly unbelievable.

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