Radio awards makes waves after judge Jason Morrison awards wife Heidi Tiltins perfect 10

Morrison also told PS that he deliberately avoided revealing his judging role to friends in the industry because it always “leads to awkward conversations”.

“It’s a comical situation,” fumed Jones, a now-retired Sydney radio news veteran, citing ACRA’s rules on the objectivity of judges. “The judge and the winner are married, how is it possible that there is no conflict of interest?” I raised this issue at the beginning of the process when I learned that Morrison would be judging the award. I have brought this up repeatedly with the CEO of Commercial Broadcasting and Audio Fort Enners, but absolutely nothing is done about it. This is a journalism award, and good journalism is about justice. I will stop judging. “


Morrison, a former radio journalist who is now news director for Seven Sydney TV’s newsroom, told PS his wife “didn’t know” he was one of the judges, arguing he had judged the award “many times before” , without any problems, and he’s “very good friend” and many previous nominees and winners.

“I find it very offensive for someone to suggest that something inappropriate has happened here,” Morrison said, adding that he, too, had been his wife’s boss in the past, again without any hint of “preferential treatment”.

Asked if he understood why the other judges viewed his marriage as a potential conflict of interest, he said, “That’s not a problem, I’ve been identifying great people for years and there’s no doubt that Heidi is great talent “.

A spokesman for the ACRAs said on Friday afternoon that the rules did not prohibit judging family members’ entries; however, next year’s awards process would be reviewed “to ensure the event reflects industry standards and expectations”.

If the suit doesn’t fit…

A sparkling George Parker at the 62nd Annual TV Week Logie Awards on June 19.

A sparkling George Parker at the 62nd Annual TV Week Logie Awards on June 19.Credit:Chris Hyde/Getty Images

george parker Make a splash at this year’s Logies in a bespoke sequined cocktail suit designed by an Adelaide fashion designer Christina Trident With her brand Couture+Love+Madness, she has previously worked for such danny milo, Lucy Dulac and Michael Barnas.

When the TV star, who has won two Gold Awards over the years and is well versed in red carpet black magic, posted on her Instagram account wearing the outfit, Trident wrote on Parker’s feed: “You look incredible! Glad we could make this suit for you” and added a heart emoji, Pike returned with two heart emojis.

Six months later, the enthusiasm and vagueness turned grim and poignant as Tridente delivered a scathing account of what she claims happened in the months after the award.

The designer posted on Facebook: “We ordered a suit for Logies earlier this year. The stylist went and took it to the tailor (sic) and changed the suit without our permission. shape.

“Slaughter”: Adelaide fashion designer Christina Trident.Credit:instagram

“It wasn’t a fit issue – the whole trousers were cut off to change the shape. I only found out when I tagged us in a Sydney tailors post on Instagram and got in touch with them. They were cute, didn’t know it was A loan because the change cannot be reverted.

“From there, I contacted the stylist, said she would ‘pass the cost on to the network’, and she blocked me on both of my Insta accounts, apparently wanting our conversation to go away (but I have screenshots). After 6 months of wrangling with her agency, I finally got my lawsuit back this week.”

However, the pants Tridente received had 28 cm of fabric cut off. She has since deleted the post but confirmed its content to PS before refusing to comment further.Parker’s stylist cook Declined to comment for this story, but confirmed she was aware of Trident’s post, adding that the dress was custom made for Parker but had to be altered because it “didn’t fit”.

Trio’s Bondi ambitions in vain

Stop working: David Avidan.

Stop working: David Avidan.

Three sons of three prominent Sydney families have been stymied by their fledgling Bondi property development ambitions.

david avidanson of a real estate developer Danny Avidan and former fashion designer charlie brown; Max Moranson of a medical heir Mark Moran and wife Yvette; and jack kigleyson of the late fashion pioneer mark kigley and his widow lisaClashed with Waverley Council over unauthorized work on a property in Francis Street.

The trio are described as founders and directors of South Head Developments, which was placed under a standstill order in October.

The site, a semi-detached home the company paid $3.23 million for in February, is subject to a Certificate of Compliance Development (CDC) issued by a private certifier in May. Subject to CDC agreement, demolition of property on site is excluded. In August, the commission issued three penalty notices to developers, two of which were for failing to comply with the CDC’s conditions.

McLachlan’s show cans

Craig McLachlanHis New Year’s Eve show seems to be derailed at the 11th hour Hey, nice with Craig McLachlan Quietly canceled.

CANCELLED: Craig McLachlan's stage comeback has been derailed.

CANCELLED: Craig McLachlan’s stage comeback has been derailed.

described as a tribute to american country music star Hank WilliamsThe show was originally scheduled to take place at Adelaide’s historic Thebarton Theatre.

The return was aimed at restarting McLachlan’s career after the defamation lawsuit against him was discontinued. HeraldABC and former rocky horror show list of actors Christy Whelan Brown On the same day in May, defense briefings will begin.

Craig McLachlan entered the NSW Supreme Court with partner Vanessa Scammell in May.

Craig McLachlan entered the NSW Supreme Court with partner Vanessa Scammell in May.Credit:Oscar Coleman

former Neighbor After waiving the hearing on Day 10, the star had to pay the defendants’ court costs — understood to be in the millions.

McLachlan sued in the NSW Supreme Court in 2018 over a media investigation detailing allegations of misconduct during a 2014 tour. rocky horror show.

According to reports, the 56-year-old had molested, bullied, harassed, and exposed himself to female actors. McLachlan has denied the claims and said they have ended his acting career. He has now canceled his Adelaide show, promising audiences “to see Craig McLachlan like never before”.

To further entice ticket sales, “premium” ticket holders can also attend a private New Year’s Eve party with McLachlan at the Chancellor Hotel, “including a drink and food package”.

body bounce

Allie McPherson Knows how to pander to the tabloids, rolling out the old bikini bottom routine again this week. But in fact, daily mail People gobble up Elle “showing off” her “impressive” figure, but miss the real story: how Elle conquered her “brain fog.”

Apparently it’s all because she’s wearing a little gold pendant around her neck that looks no different from the chain hanging from a cheap turntable from Lovisa. But this pendant is special. The veteran supermodel claims it protects her from “harmful” electromagnetic rays and Wi-Fi exposure.

Brain Fog: Elle Macpherson.

Brain Fog: Elle Macpherson.Credit:Jenny Barrett

“I’ve slept better since I put it on and I don’t have as much brain fog,” she says, without a hint of irony. Once a week, the wearer of the pendant must “harmonize” the pendant with his body by holding the pendant 30cm from the breastbone for two minutes.

Of course, Elle has also been touting the wonders of her greens powder supplements for years, and has a long history of, ahem, fun health habits like carrying a kit in her purse to test her regularly The pH of the urine.

Recently, she revealed her discovery of Russian banyas, an ancient steam sauna tradition that involves peeling yourself with branches of dried trees or herbs called veniks. It sounds husky.

Surely, after 58 years of faithful service, The Body deserved better?


wine magazine corks

Stan Sarris Troubled wine magazine publisher GT Wine Magazine Pty Ltd, described by administrators as “hopelessly insolvent”, is to be wound up and liquidated. Angry creditors welcomed Friday’s ruling in federal court, even though many of them have already lost tens of thousands of dollars.

The court order came more than a year after creditors voted in favor of a payment schedule after debts worth more than $1 million crippled the publication, formerly GT Wine, after accepting a deed of arrangement that would pay in U.S. dollars.

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