UK library staff rediscover tiny Bible from 1911 during lockdown – The Indian Express

The Leeds Central library in the United Kingdom is waiting for people to come and get astonished by a tiny Bible. The holy book is so tiny that a magnifying glass is needed to read the text.
The 876-page Bible with Old and New Testaments measures 1.9 inch by 1.3 inch, as per the BBC.
A clip shared by PA Media on Facebook shows the miniature Bible, not much bigger than a 1 euro coin.

The Bible dates back to 1911 and is a replica of a so-called chained Bible, which one might find chained to the pulpit. The Bible was discovered during a survey of uncatalogued items in the library’s Leeds collections, held during Covid lockdowns.
“It was a novelty really, it wouldn’t have been an expensive thing,” senior librarian Rhian Isaac was quoted as saying by The Guardian. “It was billed as the smallest Bible in the world, but if you look into it, it wasn’t,” Issac said.
When asked about where it may have come from, the librarian in charge of special collections told the BBC, “We don’t know. It’s a bit of a mystery, really.”
More than 3,000 items were found after the search and Issac said it was not a total surprise. “I think a lot of libraries have similar problems. With these objects, if people did know about them they were in people’s heads. In this day and age, if objects aren’t online then people don’t think you have them,” Issac told The Guardian.
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