Nathan Lyon is about to go past Shane Warne on two fronts

So why is it good for spin too?

“If you talk to batsmen, some batsmen find it hard to pick up the seams when they’re batting at night, so I’ll probably hit more variations, simple things like cross seams and all to try and Keep things for the hitters guesswork.

Victoria's Todd Murphy in action.

Victoria’s Todd Murphy in action.Credit:Getty Images

Lyon will also move past Vaughan to form a dynamic duo with Steve Smith. The duo are tied with Vaughn and Mark Taylor for the most pitches in Australian history for a bowler-outfielder duo, with Taylor and Smith catching 51 balls each from their respective spin superstars.

“In fact, Smith sent me that message yesterday, congratulating us on being on equal footing with Tabby and Warney now,” Lyons said. “It’s pretty remarkable when you say that. Something we’re all very proud of.

“Having someone like Steve Smith standing there for 90% of my career was pretty special. Obviously, I had a lot of confidence in Smithy there and he gave a lot of different paces, the look of the shape and so on. I’ve had a lot of feedback, it’s been an unbelievable cricket conversation.So to be on par with Tubby and Warnie, hopefully we’ll move past them soon.

Lyon have taken 446 wickets at the age of 32 in a remarkable career Eighth on the all-time list of Test wickets and another eighth in Perth’s first Test against the West Indies, including a 6-128 figure in the second innings.

Top 10 Test wicketkeepers of all time

  1. M Muralidaran: 800 wickets; average 22.72
  2. SK Warne: 708 wickets; average 25.41
  3. JM Anderson: 672 wickets; average 26.15
  4. A Kumble: 619 wickets; average 29.65
  5. SCJ Broad: 566 wickets; average 27.77
  6. GD McGrath: 563 wickets; average 21.64
  7. Cal Walsh: 519 wickets; average 24.44
  8. NM Lyon: 446 wickets; average 31.91
  9. R Ashwin: 442 wickets; average 24.13
  10. DW Steyn: 439 wickets; average 22.95

There are few spinners in the system as obvious replacements whenever Lyon decides he’s had enough, but he’s particularly impressed with the 22-year-old young Victorian Todd Murphy.

Murphy has 14 wickets in three Sheffield Shield appearances this season, an average of under 18, including seven wickets in the most recent game against NSW as Victoria took a not-so-good possible victory.


Lyon first met Murphy when former NSW team-mate Nic Maddinson invited him to a Victorian training session two years ago when the team were in the Adelaide Covid bubble Lyon was training with the youngster during that time.

“It’s just about him learning the craft tactically, mentally, and really honing in on that backup ball. He definitely has that skill set,” Lyons said.

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