Family visits wrong grave for almost two decades after cemetery mix-up

One U.K. After seeing their father’s headstone placed in the wrong place during chaos at the cemetery, a family has been shocked to learn they have been visiting the wrong grave for almost two decades.of

The Bell family buried Patriarch Thomas in 2005 and for 17 years they have made regular visits to his gravestone at Holy Trinity Cemetery in Wingate.

The confusion wasn’t discovered until Thomas’ wife Hilda – who was supposed to be buried next to him – also died this year, According to the BBC.
The Bell family regularly visited the wrong gravestone at Holy Trinity Cemetery in Wingate. (Google Map)

A “perfect storm” of problems led to critical errors believed to be due to human error by stonemasons, an investigation has found.of

Sunderland’s vicar, Bob Cooper, said the mistake was a result of “tremendous sadness” following a number of wrong protocols.

A mason installed a headstone for Bell in 2005, but it was “placed on the wrong grave” due to an “inadequate process” and “poor record keeping,” Cooper said.

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He said the priest in charge of the burial at the time “did not keep records to the extent considered best practice”.

“The term ‘perfect storm’ is used all too often in modern parlance, but it seems especially apt in this case,” Cooper said.

“There can be no guarantee that historic cases like this will not happen again, as gaps will appear in the records of the Diocese of Durham and dioceses further afield for a number of reasons.”

Some of the recommendations will be implemented within the diocese to ensure that confusion does not recur.of

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