Kathy Lette on the female orgasm

The names refer to the movements of the pelvic floor during orgasm and release, explains James Pfaus, professor of neuroscience at Charles University in Prague. Apparently, when the female volunteers climaxed, special sensors on their Bluetooth-connected vibrators showed primarily one of three muscle patterns: a wave-like rise and fall along the lower pelvic floor; an avalanche of contractions from the higher regions; Or explosively tense volcanic eruptions.

Orgasm is a lot like oxygen—no big deal, unless you can’t get it. Yet the female orgasm remains more of a mystery than Donald Trump’s continued career success.

In the study, 54 women were asked to self-stimulate and then turn off their vibrator for two minutes after orgasm. Then repeated this exercise for several days in their own homes, which has to be rated as the best homework assignment ever. (I doubt there has been such a digital operation since Proust wrote all seven volumes by hand. Perhaps an unintended benefit is the wear and tear of fingerprints, meaning they too can now commit perfect crimes?)

Anyway, to wrap up this “Kama Sutra For One” experience, the volunteers were also asked to perform a control test in which they inserted a vibrator but did not stimulate themselves. Analysis of the data then revealed that nearly 50 percent (26 women) enjoyed wave orgasms, while 17 enjoyed avalanches and 11 enjoyed volcanoes.

So kids, it’s basically up to you to do your level work now. Put in enough mindfulness practice, and your female partner will soon be so happy that when she cries, you won’t be able to tell if it’s an orgasm or a demonic possession. Should you share a post-sex cigarette or call an exorcist?


In short, if a woman is happy in bed, she will want to spend more time with you in bed.it will be oh oh! Oh! Great feeling! So it was a very satisfying holiday with a very, very happy ending.

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