The world’s 10 best food markets you must visit

If you want to feast on some local delicacies, this is the place to go when you’re hungry.


KANG2F TAIPEI, TAIWAN - JULY 11: This is Shilin Night Market, a famous night market where many people come to taste Taiwanese food and shop on July 11

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Established over a century ago as a fish market near the Jiantan MRT station, this market now also sells clothes, furniture and goldfish, but it’s best at night when locals flock around video games and karaoke parlors Come and eat amidst the hustle and bustle. Pick from one of the 500 street stalls serving dumplings, meat skewers, fish ball soup, oyster omelets and bubble tea and pack yourself a cheap meal.Look Taiwan Engineering Network


JGC4W8 Viktualienmarkt, Munchen, Germany Credit: Alamy one time use for Traveler only Fees apply

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This open-air food market has been operating in Munich’s Old Town since 1807. Everyone from top chefs to students come here for fresh produce and cut flowers. For tourists, this is a great place to buy picnic supplies like bread, cheese, smoked fish, sausages, sushi and Bavarian apples and pears. Dine at the tables in the beer garden – though only those without tablecloths.Look munich tourism

Floating market, Ratchaburi, Thailand

Damnoen Saduk Floating Market, Thailand - April 3, 2011: Food vendors at Damnoen Saduk Floating Market prepare Thai style noodles on traditional boats. Lots of fresh ingredients are used and the overall combination of flavors is delicious.Credit: istock is for travellers' use only at one time

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This morning river city, 100 kilometers from Bangkok, is lively and colorful. If you don’t know what star fruit, Chinese grapefruit or zircon is, it’s time to treat your taste buds. The floating kitchen floats by, offering crispy shrimp chow mein, coconut custard cooked with miniature pumpkins, and coconut cake wrapped in neat banana leaves.Look

Albinelli Market, Modena, Italy

M4FBF2 Mercato Albinelli, Modena, Italy Fruit and Vegetable Credit: Alamy ONLY ONE TIME FOR TRAVELER FEE APPLIES

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Every Italian town has a decent market or three, but Modena’s indoor market wins out on several fronts: its architectural elegance, local ambience and top-notch food quality. Collect legendary Emilia-Romagna produce such as Parma ham, balsamic vinegar and Parmesan for a picnic, or enjoy tortellini and cod gnocchi accompanied by Lambrusco wine at one of the small stalls.Look

Central Market, Adelaide, Australia

Image credit: SATC One Time for Travelers Only Central Market

Photo: Adam Bruzzone/SATC

With more than 200 stalls, Central Market is Australia’s largest fresh produce market and a wonderful epitome of its multicultural fusion. The fishmonger is Greek, the grocer is Italian, the noodle stall owner is Malaysian, and the fruit seller is Chinese and Vietnamese. Touch, smell and nibble at the counters of the dozen or so delis, then unwind at one of the cafes: the coffee is some of the best in town.Look website

Nassmarkt, Vienna

2B31345 Diners at the Naschmarkt Sunday Market, Vienna, Austria Credit: Alamy Only one time for travelers FEE APPLIES

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Vienna’s open-air markets, which have been in operation since the 15th century, feature an abundance of common produce but are also known for specialty stalls selling delicious vinegars, olive oil, pickles and cheese, among other things. Food stalls, sit-down restaurants and trendy bars encourage you to linger; DJs entertain the crowds on weekends. Indian, Vietnamese, Szechuan, Israeli and other international cuisines differ from Austrian cuisine.Look Vienna Information Network

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, San Francisco, USA

HT8XC2 CHEESE TASTING SAMPLE BUY MARKET STALL FERRY BUILDING SAN FRANCISCO Famous International Cheese Market store inside the Ferry Building where customers taste samples before buying Embarcadero San Francisco USA

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Open Tuesdays and Thursdays, but biggest and best on Saturdays, this market sells a wide variety of California produce, with an emphasis on organic and sustainable items like seafood, breads, pickles, citrus fruits, cheeses and jams. For the hungry right away, there’s plenty of ready-to-eat street food, from tacos to kebabs, pizza and pastries. There are also several fine dining restaurants at the ferry terminal.Look

Egyptian Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

People visit and shop the Spice Bazaar (Egyptian Bazaar) in Istanbul, Turkey. The Spice Bazaar is one of the largest in the city. It is located in the Eminönü district of the Fatih district and is the most famous indoor shopping mall after the Grand Bazaar.Credit: istock is for travellers' use only at one time

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This is a food market for shopping rather than eating. Buy bottled olive oil (Komili is considered the best brand), herbal teas, dried fruit and Iranian caviar in glass jars. Check out bags of nuts and dried fruit, pyramids of herbs and spices including dried mangoes, turmeric and fennel, and piles of sweet pastries oozing with honey.Look website

COURS SALEYA, Nice, France

NICE, FRANCE - JUNE 1, 2012: Stretched square

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In France, you’re spoiled for choice by food markets, but this street bathed in sparkling Mediterranean sun is a treat. It starts early in the morning with bric-a-brac, cut flowers, fruit and vegetables, and the freshest seafood. Later in the day, the sidewalks are filled with small bars where you can enjoy cheap wine and the accompanying quiche, zucchini flower fritters or sardine filling.Look website

Byward Market, Ottawa, Canada

CRYC39 ByWard Market interior, Ottawa Credit: Alamy Single use, traveler fee only applies

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It’s a wonderful representation of multiethnic Canada spanning several neighborhoods: delis stuffed with Polish sausages, beer bars blaring Celtic fiddles, patisseries stacked with French and Hungarian delicacies, shawarmas with the smell of grilled meat . At the farmers market, you’ll find local delicacies like berries, honey and maple syrup. Beaver tails are a local snack: crunchy fritters sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.Look

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