This stunning town will pay you $46k to move there

If you’ve heard it before, stop, but there’s a picturesque Italian town that’s willing to give people money to move there.

Yes, beautiful Presicce in Puglia is the latest in a long line of towns and villages looking for fresh blood to help rebuild.

So what’s the deal here?

Well, those who decide to move to Italy will get €30,000 (or A$46,000) to restore an abandoned property. They will then need to purchase one of the houses in the deal, which start at €25,000 each.

local councilor alfredo pales told cnn “There are many vacant houses in the historic center built before 1991 and we want to see new residents come alive again”.

“Sadly, our old town, full of history, wonderful architecture and art, is slowly emptying itself.”

The €30,000 will be divided into two parts, one for the purchase of the house and the other for the purchase.

details are still being worked out But those brave enough to accept the offer will be rewarded with one of the most unspoilt regions in Italy and Europe, just a short drive from the white sand beaches and turquoise waters of Santa Maria di Leuca in Salento.

Sunny coastline near Santa Maria di Leuca.

Coastline near Santa Maria di Leuca. Photo: iStock

It merged with another community in 2019 to create the larger town of Presicce-Acquaric, which has enabled it to tap into more funds.

To qualify for the program, buyers must pay for a home built before 1991 and agree to move permanently to town to renovate the property.

months ago Sardinia is splashing cash to get people to move there.

It launched a program worth more than 105 million euros to entice people to buy property on the island.

In 2019, Bivona, in the heart of Sicily, started selling houses for 1 euro, as did nearby Mussomeli.

In the same year, Cammarata, known as the village with a thousand balconies, Free dilapidated house Restoration work will begin within three years, according to provisos.

Buyers at the three locations will also be required to pay a deposit of around €5,000, which in most cases is refundable once work begins.

Pisacha, Campania region, January 2020 Provide 90 dilapidated houses Only 1 euro each. website

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