Does its future rest of Elon Musk’s involvement in company processes?

Musk has said he intends to continue to push Twitter to rapidly develop features, rolling out and pulling “stupid stuff” to see what works, and developing a culture of “hardcore” coding and growth. But in addition to confusing and intimidating users, it also has stability and security implications.

“If any organization introduces changes without proper testing, there is always the possibility that users will be exposed to more attacks. A platform as large as Twitter, with millions of users around the world, may There are serious consequences,” said Sherrod DeGrippo, vice president of threat research and detection at cybersecurity and compliance firm Proofpoint.

Musk’s claims to Twitter can only be corrected by the platform’s own fact-checking equipment.

“The rapid changes taking place on Twitter have captured headlines around the world. This increases the potential threat, as cybercriminals often use topics related to breaking news or stories of human interest, as well as social engineering tactics to spark action.”

Cloud security firm Mimecast also reported a spike in criminal activity using Twitter verification confusion. Musk has continued to blame activists and trolls, and has a penchant for blowing the whistle on his loyal fanbase when questioned.

when a member of the united states congress call musk out Regarding the safety implications of the blue tick change, Musk insulted him and wondered why he was wearing a mask on his profile photo. In several cases, Musk’s claims to Twitter have only been corrected by the platform’s own fact-checking equipment, which he has largely destroyed.He also claims to have fired employees who publicly corrected him on Twitter, and Many employees have taken to Twitter Said they were fired for their disagreement.


Musk’s behavior on Twitter paints a very personal picture of someone who tweets impulsively and compulsively, and who doesn’t care if his $44 billion investment will lead to the destruction of the entire service, which appears to be the key driver of user disapproval. concerns about the future of the platform.

Although mastodon replacement Despite a more than 1,000% increase in monthly signups, Twitter still has millions of users and is tightly integrated with many other sites and services. If Musk can maintain basic functionality, achieve some stability and coax back advertisers (or strike a balance between subscriptions and operating costs), Twitter may exist in some form.

However, his pledge to shut down unnecessary services and continue to streamline its workforce has prompted some experts to warn that Twitter could run into problems or bugs that would be too costly to fix.

“It really doesn’t matter if you choose to leave the site. Have a backup plan and get your contacts in order, because the site will most likely leave you,” tweets Hacker and security expert Ian Coldwater.

“If you have any apps or sites that you log into that connect to your Twitter account via OAuth, I strongly recommend you change that now because you still can.”

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